‘What if Wonder Woman Was a Disney Princess?” and 19 Other Classic Characters Creatively Reimagined

Bill Walko
If Wonder Woman were a Disney Princess . . . she’d be kicking some serious fairy tale butt

With great power comes great marketability. Artist Bill Walko is in the great business of marketing differently-imagined power.

“Who schlepped that giant penny into the Batcave, anyway?” Walko thought, as a comic book-reading kid. “How did a struggling student like Peter Parker create custom-branded spider-tracers? And if your Who’s Who page listed your occupation as ‘Adventurer,’ where are you getting the money to make rent?”

With a background in advertising, Walko now spends his time in the Hero Business, rethinking our ages-old vision of some classic characters.

Take a look:

  • Wonder Woman 1 of 20
    Wonder Woman
    "What if Wonder Woman was a Disney Princess?"
  • Gotham Shore 2 of 20
    Gotham Shore
    "Get ready for some CTL! (That's crime-fighting, tanning and laundry) It's a fist-pumping new season of "Gotham Shore" with the Robins, Batgirls and more. Starring: Dick "The Situation" Grayson, Juicin' Todd, Timmy Drake, Waynie D., Barbi, Cassangela, Stephie Sweetheart, Hel-Wow and Snooki-Mite. So who wants the Smoosh Room?"
  • Teen Titans 3 of 20
    Teen Titans
    'Teen Titans in Study Hall! Shhhh, Robin's reading!'
  • The Women of Marvel: Shaken and Stirred 4 of 20
    The Women of Marvel: Shaken and Stirred
    "A series of pieces mashing up the Women of Marvel Comics with bold and beautiful Bond Girls. Inspired by the extraordinary James Bond book covers by Michael Gilette
  • X-Men: First Semester 5 of 20
    X-Men: First Semester
    "Welcome to your first semester at the the Charles Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters, kids."
  • Hannah Organa 6 of 20
    Hannah Organa
    "By day, she's normal high school student Padawan Leia Skywalker... but by night, she's the glamorous rock star, Hannah Organa! Between Alderaan and Endor, can she truly get the best of both worlds? And can she win the affections of bad boy Han Solo with her bothersome brother Luke around? With a little help from her protocol droid protector, A-Kee Breakio, she just might rock it all the way to Cloud City!"
  • The X-Girls 7 of 20
    The X-Girls
    "You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have.... teenage mutant angst!"
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer 8 of 20
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    "It's tough being The Slayer. Especially when you have to spend half the night waiting for a vampire to rise -- and you haven't even started your algebra homework."
  • Pebbles 9 of 20
    "Booster Gold Meets Pebbles Flintstone"
  • Sabrina the Teenage Witch 10 of 20
    Sabrina the Teenage Witch
    "What if Sabrina the Teenage Witch switched powers with the Scarlet Witch?"
  • Jem 11 of 20
    "Truly Outrageous 20 Years Later"
  • Wonder Woman 12 of 20
    Wonder Woman
    "'Diana's Wonder Fashions.' File under 'Alternate Reality Character Designs'... what if (the late great) Dan DeCarlo helped design Wonder Woman?"
  • The Intergalactic Girls Volleyball Tournament 13 of 20
    The Intergalactic Girls Volleyball Tournament
    "It's the Intergalactic Girls Volleyball Tournament, and the female Legionaires are playing to win! Bouncing Boy volunteered as ball boy, which made Duo Damsel doubly angry. The guys are enjoying the show (with the possible exception of Element Lad)."
  • New Super Kids on the Block 14 of 20
    New Super Kids on the Block
    "New Warriors 'NSKOTB'"
  • Dracula 15 of 20
    "Marvel's Dracula wearing Vampirella's costume."
  • The Watchmen Morning Show 16 of 20
    The Watchmen Morning Show
    "Wake Up with Daniel and Laurie!"
  • The Offspring of Black Bolt and Black Canary 17 of 20
    The Offspring of Black Bolt and Black Canary
    "Imagine the tantrums."
  • Selina Kyle 18 of 20
    Selina Kyle
    "Won't you join the glamorous Selina Kyle for a Break In At Tiffany's? Watch her breeze through the glitter of New York as it's never been captured before!"
  • Selina Kyle II 19 of 20
    Selina Kyle II
    "The commissioner requested Catwoman tied & caught, but I'm betting Selina will still make a daring escape in time to make that crazy party at her apartment."
  • The Joker and Harley 20 of 20
    The Joker and Harley
    "American Gothamic"

All photos and captions used with permission Bill Walko


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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