What Is A Deal Breaker In Your Marriage?

What Is A Deal Breaker In Your Marriage? via Babble
What would make you consider leaving your marriage?

This whole thing with Kristen Stewart and the supposed fling with her married director leaves me wondering when his wife will leave him. I know that there have been many marriages that have survived infidelity, and a rare few that have managed to even become stronger due to it but for many reasons, infidelity is a deal breaker with me. I know there is no way I would be able to stay married knowing that I was cheated on. And if I were Liberty Ross, no matter how much counseling we went through, I can imagine that every time I was mad or emotionally vulnerable, I’d picture all those photos that have been plastered over all the newspaper and websites showing her husband canoodling with a 22-year-old. The pictures alone would create a permanence of hurt feelings, and knowing myself, I highly doubt I’d be able to get over that.

But that’s my issue and it might not be yours. Still, I think for most of us, there is at least one thing that would cause us leave our marriage. For example, if your husband ever hit you, could you stay with him? What about if he abused drugs or alcohol? Molested a child?

Tell us in the comments below: What is a deal breaker in your marriage? Or are you one of those rare people who really feel that you would stay with your husband (or wife) no matter what?

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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