What It Feels Like To Be Bullied

Bullies cause real harm
Bullies cause real harm

If you’ve ever been bullied, you’ll relate to this essay from Single Dad Laughing about the horrors of middle school bullies.

He vividly brought back my own memories: the day my only friend told me she liked me but didn’t want to be my friend anymore because if she didn’t turn on me the other kids would bully her, too. Eating lunch in a corner of the school library hoping no one would notice I was there. Walking home through the woods so my classmates wouldn’t see me on the street outside school and steal my backpack, knock me down or worse.

Thanks, Dan. Cheery way to spend a morning.

But seriously, you should all go read this.

It’s a great case for why adults need to take bullying seriously. When a child is being bullied, real harm is coming to them. Telling them to buck up and get over it won’t help the kid or the situation.

Imagine if your coworkers constantly called you names, stole your things, pushed you around in the halls and threw food at you in the cafeteria. You wouldn’t stand for it. You’d complain to your management, and if things didn’t get better you’d change jobs. You might also pursue legal action against them.

The other great thing about Dan’s essay is how clear he makes it that bullying stays with us. People who are bullied carry the scars of it long after they’ve left the halls of middle school far behind.

How do you handle bullying with your kids? Have they been victims? Have you caught them teasing or hurting other kids?

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