Mom Bloggers Share What (And Why) They Charge For Giveaways

Ah, reviews and giveaways! Once a rare thing in the momosphere, they are now a staple of the scene and one of the primary ways that brands and bloggers work together.

But giveaways are an incredible amount of work. So in the last couple of years, many bloggers have begun to charge an administration fee for contests hosted on their site, much like they do sponsored posts (here’s a look at what bloggers charge for sponsored posts). But if you want to start charging a fee, how do you know what to charge?

These sixteen bloggers share their perspective and fees to give you a place to get started.

  • Angela England 1 of 16
    Angela England
    Angela says, "Most of the giveaways I've done have been tied to a sponsored campaign that was on-going so it was compensated in some way. Running a giveaway takes at least 2-3 hours time, plus the actual writing of the post. If you take a low hourly rate and a very low per-word rate that's still $100 at the minimum. I usually get around $250 for a sponsored post although I have done them for free (usually for friends)."
  • Christine Young 2 of 16
    Christine Young
    Mother of seven Christine says, "I am very inconsistent about what, and even IF, I charge for hosting giveaways on From Dates to Diapers. It really just depends on my relationship with the rep presenting the giveaway opportunity, on the product itself, and what else is involved. I have charged a $25-$100 admin fee, when I DO charge for just the giveaway itself."
  • Emily Vaneck 3 of 16
    Emily Vaneck
    Emily of Colorado Moms states, "I charge $50 for an admin fee for a giveaway, but if I love the company and feel it could parlay into future work, I'll waive that."
  • Jessica Hamm Lieb 4 of 16
    Jessica Hamm Lieb
    Jessica says, "I don't usually do just a giveaway unless it's a product I really like and want to share OR if it's for a really good cause. Otherwise, I either ask for monetary compensation or the same product to review (non-refundable)."
  • Jo-Lynne Shane 5 of 16
    Jo-Lynne Shane
    Jo-Lynne says, "$100 and it includes a sidebar ad. Of course I've been known to waive it for friends or if I'm feeling benevolent."
  • Julie Myers Pron 6 of 16
    Julie Myers Pron
    Julie has firm rules. "I have a minimum MSRP for giveaways of $50 and it has to be relevant to my site and my readers. I charge either the equivalent product provided for me or $75-150, depending on what's expected of me. I also include a disclaimer that the sponsor is responsible for all shipping and delivery (because I've been burned before.) Giveaways take a good deal of administrative time as well as writing time, they're fabulous marketing for a company with links and product placement and they're work for me. Most of my giveaways are with larger campaigns."
  • Kelly Whalen 7 of 16
    Kelly Whalen
    Kelly says, "It's hard to come up with a straight rate since I so often work with the brand to create a story behind the giveaway. Typically my rate is between $200-300 for a straight giveaway. It varies based on the scope of the giveaway. If I'm also receiving a product I take that into account. If the giveaway involves multiple platforms I charge more."
  • Andrea Updyke 8 of 16
    Andrea Updyke
    Andrea says, "I don't charge for giveaways on my own blog because I try to be choosy and make sure when I do one it is a great fit and a treat for my readers. However, if I am asked to post on another blog, I review the product and charge for the time it takes to write the post and administer the giveaway. In the past year I have accepted anywhere from $15-$200. It really depended on the project, how many winners etc.
  • Lynn Maven of Savin 9 of 16
    Lynn Maven of Savin
    Lynn doesn't always charge. "I am in support of charging for giveaways considering the work it takes to run them - especially if you have a larger readership. However I also believe there are also non-monetary benefits to some giveaways. Some giveaways are mutually beneficial in establishing a relationship with a brand and/or driving traffic. In other cases, in lieu of charging for a giveaway I have started requiring a minimum prize value. These are other ways, in addition to charging for giveaways that I believe make giveaways worth the time and effort. I believe each blogger needs to decide what is best for them and their readers, but needs to consider the time and energy put into a giveaway and what they are getting out of it."
  • Mamadweeb 10 of 16
    Annie says, "I charge $50 per giveaway and have considered increasing my rates. There are 2 main things influencing my price: the market and economics. After talking with lots of other bloggers, the rates seem to me to be about $50-100 per giveaway so I price accordingly. As for economics, it is simple supply and demand. If my time is extremely limited and the demand is high, the price goes up."
  • Tania Natural Reuben 11 of 16
    Tania Natural Reuben
    Tania charges $300. "Giveaways are a lot of work, and while they may bring traffic, they don't generate the recurring traffic that Pure Natural Diva we get from investing in well written SEO'd posts... so we consider a giveaway to be 100% promotional work for the brand. We also promote giveaways on multiple sites and pay listing fees... all these factors combined require us to charge to administer giveaways."
  • Sharon blog 12 of 16
    Sharon blog
    Sharon says, "I charge $50 to administer giveaways that don't have a review involved."
  • Stacie 13 of 16
    Stacie says, "I charge $100 only if I'm not given a product to review. I am charging for my time to write the giveaway post, put it up, promote the giveaway, choose a winner, email them for their info and provide this to the company. This takes time and I think that my time is valuable."
  • Tanya Mommy Goggles 14 of 16
    Tanya Mommy Goggles
    Tanya says, "I don't charge as long as the item is over $25+. If there's no product involved, I charge $25-50 depending on timing, what they want done, sometimes more. I havent been doing giveaways lately because they annoy me."
  • Theresa 15 of 16
    Theresa says, "I charge for giveaways for the same reason golf tournaments charge car companies to participate in hole in one giveaways. It's time-consuming and it's basically a big advertisement for said company. Did I mention time-consuming?"
  • Valerie Rowekamp 16 of 16
    Valerie Rowekamp
    Valerie just doesn't do them at all. "It would be a really high price if it were me because I freaking hate giveaways and would have to outsource for the sake of my sanity. I give my readers lots of great stuff that does not give me a headache in return."

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