What Not To Do: Botched Ice Rescue Has Several Sledders Falling Into Water (Video)

It’s pretty much a video tutorial on what not to do if someone falls through the ice.

Christmas day. About an hour north of Los Angeles.

Mickey Herman and his wife had decide to take a drive and ended up watching hundreds of sledders sliding down a hill near Jackson Lake in Wrightwood, California.

As reports, Herman’s wife decides to take out her new camera and record and that’s when she accidentally catches a man on a sled zooming across the ice, ultimately crashing right through the ice intro freezing water.

He obviously can’t swim and looks to be in big trouble. Dozens of well-meaning sledders run to his rescue and, one-by-one, end up falling into the water. Ice is cracking all over the place and still, people rush to the scene, including children, in an effort to help those in the water. As I watched the video I was shocked that nobody was screaming at everyone, especially the kids, to GET OFF THE DAMN ICE! At one point, a kid who looks to be about 8, is standing right where the ice is cracking.

Finally, Mickey Herman has the good sense to grab a rope he keeps under the seat of his car and throw it into the water. Other people run up with cargo straps and eventually everyone is rescued.

Couple tips. Don’t sled on ice. When someone falls through the ice, don’t rush onto the ice to save them or you’ll end up needing to be saved as well. Call 911. Try to talk the person to safety while attempting to throw them a line from solid ground. Make sure you tie a loop in it beforehand so they have something to put their arms through. If you can’t find a rope, look for a strong branch.

For more tips click here.

Herman tells CNN there are signs posted around the lake but says he didn’t see them. Not surprisingly, CNN reports the lake has since been closed.

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