What Parents Want to Know from First Lady Michelle Obama

Sure, all eyes are on the President this election season, but we’ve got some burning questions for the First Lady, too. She’s certainly made a mark in the last four years, with her healthy living “Let’s Move!” campaign, killer biceps, and the values she teaches her daughters Sasha and Malia as a “mom-in-chief.”

We asked our bloggers what they would ask Michelle Obama if they had the chance, and they delivered, wondering everything from how she handles public criticism of her husband to whether she’d be interested in a tennis match. Click though to read their responses:

  • On school lunch 1 of 28
    On school lunch
    Now that you've brought attention to the importance growing our own food, eating whole foods, and daily exercise, what can we all do to work together and get wholesome, healthier foods into school lunches?
    - Elizabeth Stark, Family Kitchen
  • On her career 2 of 28
    On her career
    Do you ever look back on regret at having to give up (or pause) your law career in order to support your husband's career? Do you worry about what that says to your daughters?
    - Meredith Carroll, Toddler Times and Strollerderby
  • On her killer biceps 3 of 28
    On her killer biceps
    What is your arm workout routine?
    Can I elect your arms for president?
    - Beth Anne Ballance, Toddler Times
  • On feminism 4 of 28
    On feminism
    Would you identify yourself as a feminist?
    - Danielle Elwood, Toddler Times
  • On Let’s Move! 5 of 28
    On Let's Move!
    Given the success of the Let's Move! initiative, what are your plans to expand it in the next four years? We're seeing schools cutting back on gym class and recess--for example, the high school in my district currently only offers PE for two of the four grades. Any plans on working to get kids moving in our public schools again?
    - Joslyn Gray, Strollerderby
  • On the past, and the future 6 of 28
    On the past, and the future
    What did Barack do during his first term that surprised you? What do you think he will do during his (hopeful) second term that might surprise us?
    - Morgan Shanahan, Ten Degrees Hotter
  • On being bilingual 7 of 28
    On being bilingual
    President Obama has said that he believes every child in America should learn to speak Spanish. Are Malia and Sasha learning Spanish or any other language?
    - Ana Flores, Besos
  • On her own political plans 8 of 28
    On her own political plans
    When does she plan to run for President?
    - Jessie Knadler, Heartlandia
  • On what we must teach 9 of 28
    On what we must teach
    What do you feel is the single most important skill we can teach our children that will improve America's future?
    - Asha Dornfest, The Accidental Expert
  • On her role 10 of 28
    On her role
    How do you balance the 'ceremonial' role the spouse of the President has been assigned in the past, with your desire to affect real and valuable change?
    - Buzz Bishop, Babble Kids
  • On two free hours 11 of 28
    On two free hours
    If you could have two hours to yourself, what would you do?
    - Casey Mullins, Shutterlovely
  • On women’s rights 12 of 28
    On women's rights
    What are your conscious parenting thoughts of raising daughters in an age when women's rights are so prominent in politics?
    - Kelly Wickham, Mocha Momma Has Something to Say
  • On some extra help 13 of 28
    On some extra help
    If she ever secretly wishes her husband could help out more around the house.
    Although, she probably has people for that.
    - Emily Elling, Baby's First Year
  • On her tennis skills 14 of 28
    On her tennis skills
    What's your best shot? Forehand? Backhand?Meet me at the White House court — game on!
    - Rachel Faucett, Invitation Only
  • On the uncertain future 15 of 28
    On the uncertain future
    What scares you most about the world we're handing over to our children?
    - Catherine McCord, Weelicious
  • On helping single moms 16 of 28
    On helping single moms
    Dearest First Lady Obama, I'm a single mom. President Obama was raised by one and in a way I often times saw you as one when he was on the campaign trail. What advice can you offer single moms, like me, with no dad in the picture?
    Ps: I'm voting for your husband! My son was the only kiddo in his pre-k 4 class who knew Obama is President! I saved the activity sheet to show him one day. Thank you!
    - Christine Coppa, Babble Kids
  • On the issues she cares about 17 of 28
    On the issues she cares about
    If you were running for President of the United States (instead of your husband), what your be the number one issue you would want to have a conversation with American voters about? Would it be different from your husband's? Why or why not?
    - Joanne Bamberger, PunditMom's Spin Cycle
  • On being in the public eye 18 of 28
    On being in the public eye
    What has been the hardest transition into being a First Lady, and do you ever miss the anonymity?
    - Diana Stone, Being Pregnant
  • On her future plans 19 of 28
    On her future plans
    What do you aspire to do, both publicly and privately, when your time in the White House ends?
    - Carolyn Castiglia, Strollerderby
  • On the mom stuff 20 of 28
    On the mom stuff
    What are your biggest fears/worries about her daughters? Like that irrational stuff moms always have in the back of their minds?
    What about each of your daughters makes her most proud? And what role do you feel your parenting played in developing that particular strength in each daughter?
    - Jaime Morrison Curtis, Family Style
  • On diversity 21 of 28
    On diversity
    How do you talk about gay families to your daughters, and help them understand diversity?
    - Deb Rox, Rox On
  • On her skills 22 of 28
    On her skills
    How did she learn to skip so well?
    - Jan Halvarson, Family Style
  • On the haters 23 of 28
    On the haters
    How she deals with the rampant criticism of her husband now. Does she not read the newspapers? Does kickboxing, say, help her get out her frustration? What?
    - Ellen Seidman, 1000 Perplexing Things About Parenthood
  • On wanting anonymity 24 of 28
    On wanting anonymity
    Knowing what she now knows about being in The White House, etc. ... and taking only the well-being of her daughters into account (not the country or the presidency or any of that) would she still choose to raise her daughters in The White House/public eye or would she prefer to have raised them in Chicago in the private sector and why?
    - Monica Bielanko, He Said/She Said
  • On finding fun 25 of 28
    On finding fun
    How do you keep life in the public eye fun and low-stress for your daughters?
    - Amy Anderson, The New Home Ec
  • On her routines 26 of 28
    On her routines
    What is your favorite back-to-school ritual with your kids?
    - Rachel Matthews, Southern Hospitality
  • On big sodas 27 of 28
    On big sodas
    NYC just passed a law banning large soft drinks. Do you believe that it is government's role to force us to make what it considers better decisions?
    - Rich Hailey, A Complementary Angle
  • On teenagers … and more 28 of 28
    On teenagers ... and more
    How is it living with a teenager/do you have any survival tips?
    Have you ever arm-wrestled the President?
    What's the best book you read this year?
    - Marinka, Babble Kids

What would you ask the FLOTUS if you had the chance? Tell us in the comments!

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