What Santa Will Put Under the Tree? Squinkies

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Squinkies ... this year's Christmas craze?

Good news, tight-wads. The toy industry is in a bit of a panic about the state of the economy, so they’ve focused on less expensive toys this holiday season. It appears, from the LA Times‘ list of possible breakout hits that you’ll nonetheless need to invest a ton in batteries. You’ll also be fine in your new downsized apartment because a lot of these toys are mini-collectibles. (Careful where you step though).

So what will toys will fly off the shelves this Christmas season and leave you (and your child) in a puddle of tears?

First, the familiar: those oddly popular Zhu Zhu pets, this time with newer versions (remember: you’re collecting). Also, Bakugan Battle Brawlers.

Now, the new: Squinkies. The Times says they are “soft and squishy figures that can be worn as jewelry, pencil toppers or displayed in play sets.” Ooohkay. I’ll take 10!

There’s also:

Zoobles, plastic spherical characters that pop open when placed in their “happitats” to reveal creatures inside; Sing-a-ma-jigs, plush creatures that sing, harmonize and chatter with one another; and Hot Wheels R/C Stealth Rides, mini-vehicles that fold flat inside cellphone-size cases that double as remote controls.

Barbie also comes with a real, workable mini-cam, Mattel’s Monsters High series (as in high school) and a relaunch of –hike your miniskirt — Bratz dolls!

There’s also some kiddified eletronic gadgets, toys related to Toy Story 3 and Iron Man 2 and the new Disney animated feature, “Tangled.” And more Wii offerings.

Besides Squinkies, what will you get the kids for the holidays? Will this year be big or are you scaling back?


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