What Sasha Whispered To Her Dad As Millions Watched On Election Night

Election night 2012

I saw her mouth something to her dad.

I, along with millions of others, stayed up to see the results of the election. It was around 12:30 am EST when Obama finally took the stage to issue his victory speech.

I love the Obama family. I’m sure they have their problems but both Malia and Sasha seem so poised and sweet. I watched them walk on stage with the newly re-elected president at the McCormick convention center in Chicago, stand around smiling and waving, and then I noticed Sasha whispering to her dad.

I wondered what she had said, even considered rewinding to see if I could make out what it was she wanted to tell her dad while standing amid thousands of cheering supporters but was too tired to do so.

That’s why I clicked on The Huffington Post link that promised an answer to exactly what it was Sasha needed to tell her dad.

The well-mannered 11-year-old wanted to make sure her dad didn’t ignore anyone.  She nudged him and reminded him to look at the people behind him. As The Huffington Post says, “It was excellent advice: as soon as Obama turned his head, the crowd behind the podium started cheering and waving American flags even more excitedly than before.”

That touches me. I don’t know why. Maybe because she wants to help her dad look good, maybe because she wants to make sure that everyone who showed up to support her dad gets acknowledged, maybe because it shows that she knows her dad is open to this kind of prodding.  Whatever it was, it made me love the Obamas all the more.

His little girl has got his back… Literally.

YouTube user ohshawman posted a clip from NBC News’s Election Night coverage showing the exchange:

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