What The Heck Is Mammoth?

Introducing Mammoth, a new organizing appHave you seen tweets this last week or so that look like this?

You’re not alone. Mammoth is a new site, still in beta, and it’s founders offer this as an explanation:

We got tired of copy-pasting links into emails, and jumping between various websites just to grab all we needed. We realized millions work online the same way. There just wasn’t an easy way to save links, add notes, and selectively grab content from multiple webpages into a single, shareable, organizable document. Mammoth solves that for us. And goes a little further.

The first thing you’ll notice while using Mammoth is the unavoidable comparison to Pinterest; your home feed lays out in the same way, making the feel of the site is very familiar. But unlike Pinterest, Mammoth offers a “drag and drop” option for links, images, text and more (although I had some struggles with functionality, but given Mammoth’s beta status, that’s not too surprising) and the individual boards look nothing like Pinterest.

This is what a board looks like.

Drag anything to the website
A board on Mammoth, a new web organizing app.

I set up a board for a client project, and because you can add editors to the board, I can easily add the client as well as the other freelancer working on the project to the board so that we can all post, comment, and generally keep tabs on what is happening with the project. I actually think I will find this incredibly useful, particularly once my “mini Mammoth” extension is working (I’ve tried to install it several times with no luck yet; again, BETA).

Here’s what the “mini-Mammoth” looks like when you have a web page open:

Mini-Mammoth, an extension for the web app Mammoth.

Unlike Pinterest, Mammoth boards are private and only available to those you choose to share them with a nice feature for someone like me. In addition, you can add notes and edit on the board. Which brings in yet another inevitable comparison it looks a lot like Evernote.

The founders claim there is still much to be revealed which is good, frankly, because right now I do not see this app as much of a disrupter to other similar options. But check it out; after all, you never know what will be the next big thing.


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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