What The?! Is This Really the Best Way to "Fix" a Class Photo?


A photographer’s decision to “fix” an elementary school class picture is so ridiculously stupid that I can’t help but laugh.

Parents of students in the photo aren’t getting such a kick out of it and I totally understand why.

As Yahoo reports, David Claussen took the photo of the second grade class at Sawgrass Elementary school. Later he was notified that parents of two of the students pictured hadn’t signed consent forms and needed to be removed.

His solution? Um, well, you can see it below:

Apparently some parents who saw the photo call it “offensive” and “degrading”. Now, I can see the racial implications but I don’t think it’s racist. The kid is black. If the photog photoshopped a white cartoon kid into the photo that would be called racist too, right? He was just photoshopping in a cartoon whose face matched the race of the original student. So…  racist?  Nah. Just mind-blowingly stupid.  I mean, seriously, dude?  You really thought this was a legit fix?  According to Claussen, who spoke to a local news station, it wasn’t his idea to fix it that way,

Local 10 news reports:

“Claussen said he was able to use the photo editing software Adobe Photoshop to lift one of the kids out, but had explained to them that there was a problem with the second student. He was sitting in the front row, right in the middle … He said he would have gladly come out there to reshoot the image. Instead there was talk about putting a star over his face and then, he said, the P.T.A. asked him to place a smiley face.”

Claussen tells Local 10 he thought the request to alter the photo was odd but did as asked.  Parents at the school have had mixed responses to the altered photo, they ranged from feeling that the image is humiliating, to simply calling it “an oversight that has been corrected”.

The P.T.A told the local news “Broward Schools Photography covered the child’s face using an inappropriate sticker. The PTA disagrees with how the photography company handled it and worked with the photographer to have the picture retaken this Thursday. Immediate action was taken on behalf of the PTA. We love and protect our children.”

Hmmm… Sounds like the P.T.A. requested the smiley face solution but is now covering its ass after racism was implied.  As far as the student in question, Local 10 reports not being able to locate him. There are reports he is no longer at the school and may not even be aware of the photograph.

In response to the backlash the school ordered a new photo taken and families will now get a free copy of the new print. Ya think?

This brings to mind one of the all-time great episodes of Seinfeld where a photographer accidentally removes Mr Kruger instead of George from a photo and later superimposes a cartoon back into the photo so George can sneak the photo back into Mr. Kruger’s office. You know what I’m talking about?



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