What Time Does the Super Bowl Start? And More Importantly, What Time Does It End?

Not everyone lives for the biggest sporting event of the year.

My husband rarely emits more beams of pride than when our 2-year-old daughter yells “Go Saints!” at the television. It’s usually when he’s watching football, although if she sees any kind of green field, she doesn’t actually discriminate and will let out her best Cajun holler.

A long-suffering Saints fan, Rick proclaimed he could die happily after New Orleans’ finest won the coveted Super Bowl trophy (cup? ring?) last year. But despite his vows that he was done with football, of course, he wasn’t. Which means we’ll be tuning in to kickoff at 6:30 p.m. EST. Rather, he’ll be tuning in and I’ll be attuned to what my daughter is really thinking as she watches her dad get a little nutty — again — about a team of grown men jumping on top of each other while throwing around a ball and running around a field.

I think watching sports can be perfectly healthy, although I never 100 percent understand the undying loyalty people have towards teams of paid professionals. As if most of these players wouldn’t jump ship and wear a uniform if given enough dollar signs in their contracts.

There can be great lessons in sports for kids, though, particularly when good sportsman-like conduct is displayed. And then there are the lessons that make me cringe, like fighting (particularly in hockey) and other unsportsman-like conduct, such as excessive celebration (because there is such a thing). It seems like the bad behavior usually gets more attention than the good, unless it’s a 60 Minutes profile on Drew Brees.

Regardless, I’m more in favor of the Super Bowl, which is a get-it-over-with-in-one-day kind of championship, rather than baseball, hockey and basketball, the finals for which take about three months. The only problem with the Super Bowl is it seems to actually last for an eternity once you factor in all of the pre-game hype. The commercials! The potato skin recipes! The buffalo chicken dip! The Ritz crackers to dip in the buffalo chicken dip! The Puppy Bowl! The chick flick marathons on Lifetime! Did I mention the commercials that will be played ad nauseum on every news program and website tomorrow! Who cares!

Is it over yet?

What’s your favorite part of Super Bowl Sunday?

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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