What Time IS Trick-Or-Treating This Year?

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Waiting until dark is not the best choice.

One of the most fun fall holidays falls on a dreary Monday this year. For the past two years, moms, dads, and kids have been able to enjoy Halloween on a weekend, but for the next four yeas or so, we’ll all find ourselves trick-or-treating on a school night. Or school afternoon at the very least.

Weekday Halloween celebrations just aren’t typically as much fun as rummaging the streets, collecting loads of sugar-laden candy, knowing you’ll have the day off to enjoy (or recover). The dilemma with weekday trick-or-treating is that no one ever really knows what time to go.

Do we make our kids do their homework first and then change into costumes and head out? If we do, that could mean we don’t get started until nearly evening which doesn’t leave much time for perusing up and down the various houses, block after block. If we go right after school, it’s likely that many people won’t yet be home from home from work to dish out the goodies to eager trick-or-treaters.

I remember one Halloween when we went soon after school. We had a bunch of homeowners running down the block after exiting the subway, while hurriedly explaining how they just got home from work and could we hang on a few minutes until they opened their candy bags. They were so generous, I couldn’t help but feel we should have waited a little longer so they could get properly prepared.

Then again, one year, I made my daughter finish her homework before she started her Halloween journey and by the time she was done, not only were all the “good” candy bars gone, but she was pretty tired. (Note to teachers: a Halloween homework pass would be most appreciated two weeks from today!).

What time do you trick-or-treat on weekdays? Do you find it a bummer that Halloween falls on a Monday this year?

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