What Will My Kids Look Like? There's An App for That

So are you pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant? There’s an app for that. Well, at least to let you know what your kid will look like once it arrives.

Well, sort of. iMated is supposed to be goofy – think all those face-melds currently making the rounds of Facebook – so the scientific “genome” mumbo jumbo from their Webpage shouldn’t fool you. They’re not looking for points of familiarity (a la fingerprints) and matching them up to create a sweet little bouncing babe with your eyes and his nose or her pointy ears and your pointy eyebrows.

You’re totally going to end up with your boyfriend’s beard on your kid or your girlfriend’s nose ring. And all the better for freaking out the grandma-to-be.

So go have fun – you can download it from the app store or get it at iMated. It’s enough to make you run out and buy an iPhone just to play, isn’t it?

Image: iMated

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Article Posted 9 years Ago

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