What Women Want? Study Claims To Have Determined Routine for ‘Woman’s Perfect Day’

What’s involved in your perfect day?

They needed a study for this?

I think it’s pretty clear a perfect day for women, especially moms, is some uninterrupted sleep.

But a group of psychologists came up with a different answer.

According to this report on Click Orlando, researchers asked 900 women about their daily routines and how they feel during that routine. The psychologists then analyzed the answers to create a woman’s “perfect day.” So, obviously, just spending the day in bed is out as the analysis is culled from how women feel during their actual daily routine. Although, most of the women surveyed put getting 8 hours of sleep at the time of their list.

Other than sleep, here is what researchers came up with as the perfect day for a typical woman.

  • Romance with partner: 106 minutes
  • Work: 36 minutes
  • Computer (email & internet): 98 minutes
  • Socializing with friends: 82 minutes
  • Relaxing: 78 minutes
  • Eating: 75 minutes
  • Exercise: 68 minutes
  • On the phone: 57 minutes
  • Shopping: 56 minutes
  • Preparing food: 50 minutes
  • Commuting: 33 minutes

I’m not sure of the exact criteria but there is no way in hell “commuting” and “preparing food” is anywhere in my perfect day.  And 106 minutes of romance? Unless that involves being on the receiving end of a back rub that is way too much time in that department as well.

What do you think? Is this anywhere close to a “perfect day” or just a bunch of bored psychologists getting together for a study that means zilch? Either way, you can find the study published in the Journal of Economic Psychology.

So, all “research” aside, what would your perfect day entail?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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