What Your Baby's Name Says About You

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What does her name say about her parents?

One of the first big decisions new parents must make is what to name the baby.  We read books, surf the web and sometimes solicit baby name advice from total strangers.  We give so much thought to our baby’s name because we know it’s a really big deal.

For better or worse, a person’s name says something about that person and we want to make sure our choice says the right thing.  But while we fret about what  our baby’s name will convey about who they are, the truth is that a child’s name says more about the people who chose it than the child who bears it.

So, what does your baby’s name say about you?  Let’s check in with The Frisky, who have created a guide to baby names and what they say about the parents who chose them.

According to them, a baby with an old-timey name like Matilda probably has hipster parents.  Felix’ parents are just pretending to be hip and Veronica’s mom and dad are well-to-do, employ a baby nurse and have a standing reservation at the trendiest eatery in town.

John, Mary and David’s parents are just plain boring and afraid to take risks.  Axl and Morrisey are the product of parents who define themselves by their musical tastes and Jaques’ parents just want everyone to know they spent a semester in college studying abroad.

And Harpoon Lightning?  Well, that poor kid clearly has famous parents.

While the guide is clearly meant to be tongue-in-cheek, there is an underlying truth here.  Sometimes you really can tell a lot about a person by their child’s name.  Take me and my oldest child, for example. She’d kill me if I shared her name here, but let’s just say that the fact that she was born to a teen mother in the 1980’s is painfully obvious.

What about your kids?  What do their names reveal about you?

Image: Ben Earwicker

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