What Your Toddler Never Knew She Was Missing From Her Wardrobe: Stripper Shoes

KORS Michael Kors Kids Keely Wedge
What all the strippers, er, toddlers are wearing these days

Maybe you don’t think a bikini on a toddler is any kind of a big deal. Maybe on occasion you let your little girl dab on some lipstick, try on your jewelry or even adorn her nails with a little polish.

Big whoop, right?

But how would you feel about your toddler — not tween or teenager — donning a pair of shoes that most closely resemble something you’d expect to see on an off-duty stripper (or one who’s on duty, but the shoes are probably the first to go)?

Because if slutty shoes are something for which your toddler has been clamoring, Michael Kors has heard and answered their call. Say hello to the Michael Kors Keely Wedge in toddler and youth sizes.

“Geometric cutouts and shimmering rhinestone studs combine to offer the fashion forward Keely wedge from KORS Michael Kors Kids. This spunky sandal sports a zip heel for easy dressing, and elasticized straps for ultimate comfort. A covered wedge heel adds chic sophistication” reads the description.

Nevermind the studs part. Or the rhinestones — because many with little girls know all too well that rhinestones are in their DNA. But a wedge shoe? Because little girls need to be walking in heels like that instead of running around in sneakers? And put them all together — studs, rhinestones and wedge and it sounds like a recipe for girls night out on “Sex and the City,”  not, “Hey, let’s ride our bikes to to the sandbox and build a fort!”

The shoe is available in either Rose or Silver, and in sizes 1-5 Youth. Which means it’s too small for a grown stripper to wear, but apparently just right for one in training, ensuring your toddler will be the most provocative one at the kiddie pool this summer.

KORS Michael Kors Kids Rochelle
Maybe these Michael Kors youth wedges with the S&M motif are more your toddler's speed?


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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