What’s A Burpee?

It’s a burp brought on by consumption of a slurpee, right?

Actually no. But do a couple of sets of burpees and you’ll have earned the hydration/cooling power that slurp provides.

A burpee is an extremely effective exercise for strength training and cardio training double whammy! and a great move to add to your DIY workout repertoire. It’s also called a squat thrust and it combines two of your favorite exercises squats and push-ups with a vertical jump at the end for good measure.

If you only have a few minutes, but you’re in need of a workout that packs a potent punch, a couple of sets of 10-20 reps of burpees should do the trick. Do them a few times a week for a couple of weeks and you’ll notice a difference in your strength for sure.

  • How To Do A Burpee . . . 1 of 8

    in 7 easy steps.

  • Step 1 2 of 8

    Stand straight with feet shoulder width apart, arms and shoulders relaxed.

  • Step 2 3 of 8

    Drop to a squat, hands on the floor.

  • Step 3 4 of 8

    Kick (or step) your legs back so you are in plank or push-up position.

  • Step 4 5 of 8

    Lower down to low push-up position.

  • Step 5 6 of 8

    Push back up to high push-up or plank position.

  • Step 6 7 of 8

    Jump (or step) back to the squat position.

  • Step 7 8 of 8

    Jump as high as you can, arms up.


The burpee can also be modified in all sorts of ways to make it easier, or harder, or to work different muscles. A beginner may move her legs back one at a time, then hold the horizontal position for a few seconds before stepping back to the squat. A more advanced burpee-er (burp-er?) may use hand-weights, or hold a Bosu ball (curved side down) for a less stable push-up, or do it on one leg.

You  may struggle with them at the beginning, but you’ll be grateful for them before too long.


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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