What Will Happen to Kids in Russian Spy Swap?

As the U.S. and Russia prepare a spy swap involving 10 Russian agents living in the U.S., some are wondering what will happen to the young, overachieving and, in some cases, American, children who have been caught up in this anti-James Bond spy story.

Of the 10 people arrested in the Russian spy ring, eight were couples with children. Collectively, there are eight kids whose past is not only a bit of a mystery but whose futures are also, as of yet, completely unknown, now that a spy swap is in the works and Mom and Dad are likely headed back to the motherland.

Before the weekend, there were reports that the youngest of the children, 1 and 3 years old, were already en route to Russia to be cared for by family there. The whereabouts of the Murphy (“Murphy”?) girls, 7 and 11, is unknown by their neighbors in Montclair, N.J., who were completely shocked when they found out what their normal suburban neighbors were accused of being up to.

Some of the kids are adults or almost adults. None knew of the real circumstances of their births,their parents and even many of the things they had known about themselves.

Juan Lazaro Jr. was named after his father. Only Juan Lazaro wasn’t his father’s name. The Murphy girls? That might be on their birth certificates, but they’re the first generation where it’s legitimate.

Robbie Woliver blogs at Psychology Today saying there’s a reason James Bond never had kids. Too complicated when you’re a spy! After all, some of these children are American citizens. Should they be swapped with their parents or treated like other children of parents who face jailtime and put into protective custody?

Woliver also writes that in the age of instant communication, these children won’t be able to hide from this sudden plot twist in the story of their lives. Their pictures and names have already been published all over the place. In the U.S. and in Russia. One thing they probably do know is that for any kind of normalcy, they might want to consider picking out fake names.

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