What's The Strangest Question Your Kid Ever Asked You?

Kids want to know stuff. And they figure out pretty quickly that one way to learn it is to ask us, their trusted parents.

So they ask. Oh my, do they ever ask.

Parenting has a hilarious blog post up today about whether or not it’s OK to dodge some of your kids’ questions. My answer: it had better be.

If I were patiently answering every question my preschoolers had ever asked me, we’d be sitting together chatting about why the sky is blue and where babies come from long after these kids have grown up. There are just too many questions to ever answer them all.

Some are simply unforgettable.

My current favorite is the Human Dictionary trick. My four-year-old is insatiably curious about what words mean. Big words, little words, words she’s never heard before and ones she uses every day. She wants to know, and she knows I have the answers.

“What does ‘fierce’ mean, Mommy? What does ‘sky’ mean? What does ‘proper’ mean? What does ‘I don’t know’ mean, Mommy, what?”

It’s not that I don’t know what words mean, but defining them on the fly turns out to be harder than it looks. And those questions are too adorable to ignore.

Not that every question I get is so easy to answer. In nearly a decade of parenting I’ve been asked about god, fairness, healthy food and human reproduction. The question I was least prepared to answer definitely resulted from my 7-year-old daughter reading a sex ed sign in a college restroom.

Like most of us, I try to field the big questions with respect and as much grace as I can muster. Why do people die? How are babies made? Is God real? What about fairies?

But the little ones? The questions about why paint dries and how high the sun is and whether or not it might really be OK to eat only cookies for dinner? I cannot answer every question my children ask me.

We’ve all been peppered with a thousand unanswerable questions from our kids. Which ones stand out in your mind? What’s the strangest question a kid has ever asked you?




Article Posted 5 years Ago

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