Amazing! "When My Baby Dreams" Photos Capture Sleeping Baby Adventures

When My Baby Dreams
Photo from "When My Baby Dreams"

There’s nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby.

I still like to sneak a peek at my kids (ages 8 and 11) while they’re sleeping just to catch a glimpse of the peace that’s fallen over them.

I also often wonder what they’re dreaming about. Why does my son kick his covers off one night but snuggle up tightly another? Why does my daughter put her hand to her chin in her sleep? like she’s contemplating the mysteries of the world?

Sometimes, I take pictures, especially when they look especially cute or funny (my daughter had one leg crossed over the other, as if she was sitting upright in a chair, the other night).

One mom took her curiosity about what her baby, Mila, was dreaming about and went a step further, recreating the adventures of her dreams in everyday objects, with her sleeping child as the central focus.

No tricks here – the baby fell asleep and she constructed an elephant out of a sweater or used party balloons to create a fantasy of floating away.

The result is simply amazing.

Finland mom Adele Enersen discovered in 2010 that her baby slept so soundly, she could set scenes around sleeping Mila without disturbing her slumber one bit.

How did Enersen pull these pics off? She carried baby Mila to a “set” on the carpet, constructing scenery out of things like pillows and blankets.

Enersen tells that she created a blog to share the photos of Mila with her family.

Amazingly, just two weeks after launching the Mila’s Daydreams blog, the site had almost 1 million visitors.

She explains, “At first I was really scared. I thought, ‘What have I done?!’ ”

Enersen added, “The Internet is so full of bad things, and my blog was only trying to [share] beautiful things. We realized that people need to have something like that.”

The website’s popular photos inspired a photo picture book titled “When My Baby Dreams.”

She explains in the book, “After Mila was born, I was so excited, I couldn’t sleep! But Mila wanted to sleep for hours and hours, so while she rested all I could do was stare at my baby and wonder … What was she dreaming about? After weeks of watching Mila sleep, I finally started to see her dreams, so I decided to take pictures of them.”

Among the amazing images, taken of her daughter when she was between two weeks and four months old, Mila is seen as an astronaut, butterfly, and surfer.

Check out these photos and consider that advice to “nap when your baby naps” you could be missing out on some really great dreams!

  • “When My Baby Dreams” 1 of 7
    "When My Baby Dreams"
    Adele Enersen shares photos of her baby's dreams in a new book.
  • The author and Mila 2 of 7
    The author and Mila
    Enersen and baby Mila.
  • Cotton Candy 3 of 7
    Cotton Candy
    Mila takes a walk in a super pink cotton candy park.
  • Little Lamb 4 of 7
    Little Lamb
    Mila had a little lamb...
  • Up and Away! 5 of 7
    Up and Away!
    Mila floats upwards on a bunch of birthday balloons.
  • Laundry Day 6 of 7
    Laundry Day
    Baby Mila, all in stripes, rests on the clothesline.
  • Bookworm 7 of 7
    Mila dreams of a world full of books - too cute!

All photos used with permission from Adele Enersen – visit the Mila’s Daydreams blog and purchase your copy of “When My Baby Dreams” online.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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