When You Feel Like Quitting Mom Blogging

Maybe it’s because you’re not making money. Perhaps it’s because you know you need a blog re-design and that feels like too much work. Or you have so many reviews you said you’d do that you’d rather quit than try to do them all. Maybe it’s the competitiveness of some parts of the blogosphere. Or it could be the trolls. Whatever it is, you are tempted to throw your hands up and tell the internet, I QUIT.

Trust me, I know how this feels. I feel like this several times a year. Blogging is hard work, on so many levels, not the least of which is the public nature of the job and the stresses that brings. Luckily, I have some level heads I can turn to when things get rough and they remind me why I do this blogging thing. I thought I’d share some of those with you.

First of all, never forget this: you are AWESOME. Yes, really. You bring something bright and shiny and unique to the blogosphere that no one else does. Your insights, your smarts, your words — they make a difference to people. Really, they do. It might be only a few people, but that doesn’t matter. What you do matters. It matters big.

Don’t quit.

Remember that regardless of what you blog about be it straight up memoir posts, smart and savvy deals, or today’s hottest toys, or recipes, or fitness, or motivation you are changing the world. Mothers are visible today in a way they’ve never been. We have shown the world particularly big business that we matter, that our opinions count, and that we listen to and respect each other. The last ten years of the momosphere have changed the way the world sees mothers.

Don’t quit.

Try not to forget that you started blogging because it was fun, and interesting, and a way to express yourself. Remember how it charged you up when you first started, how it made you more confident as a writer, how amazing it was to hit “post” and know that others would read your words.

Don’t quit.

But most of all, don’t forgot this: we are a community. With all our flaws, our foibles, and our challenges, the number one thing we as mom bloggers are is an amazing, fantastic, varied community. Without your voice, we will be less. We need you.

Don’t quit.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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