Where Are The Daytime Masters Degrees For Moms?

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Wouldn't day classes help a lot of moms pursue a Master's Degree?

I’ve been strongly considering going back to school lately. More specifically, I’m interested in studying social work or counseling. Back in college, I was this close to majoring in social work but ultimately went with my first passion: English and writing. I’m glad I did and I’ve had a rewarding career in publishing but now that my kids are getting a bit older, I’m contemplating preparing for another profession.

It’s safe to say that my career as a parenting writer and editor has pointed me in this direction even further.

Parenting is hard, really hard. Sometimes we all could use some help not to mention there are kids out there who need someone to help guide them through the murky waters of life. Who among us doesn’t need that person in their life? For most of us, it’s our husband, partner, sister, mother, or friend who are our support and we are lucky because there are so many countless others who don’t have that shoulder to lean on. I’m mulling over working in either a school or hospital.

I began my search for a Master’s Degree program in social work a few days ago, and naturally turned to the Internet to find the best program. I live in New York so the options must be limitless, right? That’s what I thought anyway until I realized that every Master’s program I found takes place during evening hours (although some offer a select few classes during the late afternoon). Many Bachelor’s Degree programs exist in the daytime but getting a second Bachelor’s is almost like getting another high school diploma, and my primary focus requires a license at the Master’s level.

I looked up the top programs in social work according to USA Today and was delighted to see that the University of California ranked as #1 because I had just read all about their online program which I was strongly considering. The thumbs up from USA Today nearly sealed the deal until I found that the cost of a two-year degree program was $86,000-$89,000. That is just so far from our budget, it’s laughable.

And honestly, I’d much prefer the energy and learning that can only happen in a live classroom setting. Then I was back to searching through those dreaded programs with evening hours.

There are many reasons I can’t do evening hours but the biggest among them is that my husband works nights. Also, it’s pretty counterproductive for me to be home all day when the kids are in school and then leave when they come home.

I sincerely hope that I just haven’t researched enough, that there is a program out there that has morning hours.

On one hand, I do recognize the supply and demand factor since many adults that take on Master’s Degrees work during the daytime, but isn’t there a group large enough (particularly in New York City) that could fill some day classes? What about all the people that work nights who couldn’t possibly pursue night classes? Are they just left out of the Master’s loop? If it’s true, it also says a lot, I think, about helping mothers pursue advanced degrees. Naturally, the ideal time for a mom to take classes is when her children are in school themselves.

I have always felt that moms are a highly under-utilized commodity in the workplace. If you gave a group of mothers school time working hours, most companies would be amazed at what they could get done. We are efficient, deadline driven, and organized no-nonsense employees. We understand our time is limited which is exactly why we want to make the most of it.

By the end of my search, I did find one Master’s Degree at the University of Pennsylvania in Environmental Science. I’m glad I found it, but I do sincerely hope the daytime offerings become more widespread and varied in the future. So I ask you, our readers, do you know of any Master’s Degree programs (especially in New York) with morning hours? If you do, please tell us where.

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