Where is His Mother?! 9-Year-Old Becomes Youngest Ever to Conquer the MegaRamp (Awesome Video)

9-Year-Old Evan Doherty becomes youngest person to conquer the MegaRamp.

Evan Doherty just turned 9 at the beginning of this month.

The little guy is attracting big attention from the skateboarding world.

Over the weekend he became the youngest person to date to conquer the MegaRamp. The skateboarding ramp is so large that many veteran skateboarders won’t try it because they’re afraid of getting injured.

As reports, the ramp is so huge that “skateboarders must soar at least 70 feet across one gap, land on a downhill ramp leading to a sheer quarterpipe wall. They then must soar high above the quarterpipe and negotiate a successful landing without anything but hands and gravity to keep the board underfoot.”

When the much older Jake Brown attempted to ride the MegaRamp during the 2007 X Games he was seriously injured, but made a full recovery. I link to the video of Brown crashing to show you just how serious this ramp can be and the damage it can cause. Which leads me to my question, where is Evan Doherty’s mother? While I appreciate the boy’s spunk and talent I would not – in a million years – let my kid ride that ramp, I don’t care how good he is at skateboarding.

Doherty, who is from Greenwood, Mo., completed one MegaRamp run Friday and two others Sunday during his trip to Woodward West in California.

“It was a little bit scary getting such a high air but really, REALLY amazing to land,” he stated, via email.

I’m glad he landed but man is it scary to watch. I wonder if it’s his mom behind the camera here… If so would you call her a bad parent? Would you let your 9-year-old attempt this feat? Why or why not?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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