Which Disney Rabbit Characters Would Make The Best Easter Bunny?

Have you ever wondered which Disney rabbit character would make a great Easter bunny? The days are flying by and soon the visit with the Easter bunny will be all but a memory, but if we had the chance of getting our Easter bunny pictures with some of Disney’s most famous rabbits?

Let’s say Thumper, Rabbit from Winnie the Pooh or oh my wow, Jessica Rabbit should hop on down to your Easter egg hunt, would that make your Easter party the best Easter ever?  Who would be the most adorable?  Who will be the most tolerable when it comes to screaming kids who are scared of the Easter bunny?

Here are 6 Disney characters that would make the line for pictures with the Easter bunny at the mall go wild!

  • Which Disney rabbit is worthy of the Easter bunny? 1 of 7
    Which Disney rabbit is worthy of the Easter bunny?
    Find out here!
  • White Rabbit 2 of 7
    White Rabbit
    He's late! He's late! Imagine waiting around for this guy to show up for his pictures at the mall?
    Photo Source: Paul Beattie/Flickr
  • Roger Rabbit 3 of 7
    Roger Rabbit
    Roger is ONE CRAZY RABBIT but I'm sure he'll keep the kids entertained!
    Photo Source: Loren Javier/Flickr
  • Rabbit 4 of 7
    Oh, Rabbit. I don't know if he'll be fit to be an Easter bunny. He doesn't have the patience to deal with finicky children. Although, he can be loveable! What do you think?
    Photo Source: Loren Javier/Flickr
  • Thumper 5 of 7
    This is the winner! I think Thumper would be a fantastic Easter bunny. Whether he has something nice to say, or not!
    Photo Source: Jeff Kern/Flickr
  • Oswald the Rabbit 6 of 7
    Oswald the Rabbit
    Oswald is a classic rabbit. I think he would be a very entertaining Easter bunny.
    Photo Source: Aloha75/Flickr
  • Jessica Rabbit 7 of 7
    Jessica Rabbit
    Ah, Jessica. I think if she were to be an Easter bunny, she would have the longest wait-line EVER for pictures. Am I right or am I right?
    Photo Source: Sylvar/Flickr

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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