Who Knew: New Mom's Va-Jay-Jay Is Dang Dry

vaginadiagramWhat would we ladies do without public relations folks telling us what plagues us new moms? Because according to a PR pitch that arrived in our e-mail account this week, the female half of the parenting world has one serious issue.

Our va-jay-jays could use a little pick-me-up.

In fact, this pitch (and we do apologize to the pitcher, every PR agent is allowed their hiccup once in awhile. Lawd knows we freelance writers have had pitches fall totally flat) notes that vaginal dryness is “a tremendous challenge that can make new mothers feel even more overwhelmed than they already do.”

In particular, they’re concerned with those of us who just gave birth because: “While many women experience a stage of vaginal dryness after they give birth, a long-lasting vaginal moisturizer like Replens is designed to help soothe and replenish vaginal moisture for up to three full days with a single application, helping women make the gradual transition from pregnancy back to normal daily comfort.”

Just a thought here, but have they chatted up a new mom? Because there’s this little thing called postpartum bleeding that most of us deal with first. A whole week or so of feeling like your worst period.

Not time to be thinking about vaginal dryness.

Then comes that whole “no sex” rule . . . anywhere from two weeks to six weeks depending on conventional wisdom. Again, not time to be thinking about vaginal dryness.

Then there’s trying to get a handle on breastfeeding, sleeping patterns, burping, snapping onesies, changing diapers, cleaning umbilical cord stumps . . . pausing to take a breath here . . .  Is this really a “tremendous” strain on new mothers?

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