Whoops! Woman Whines About Makers of Fake Pregnancy Belly After She’s Exposed as a Prenatal Phony

Pregnancy belly
Oh, baby. Or not, as is strangely the case.

What’s worse? That a woman was busted for wearing a fake pregnancy belly in an effort to get others to give up a seat to her on the subway? That she complained about the fake-bump manufacturers after she was discovered? Or that there exist fake pregnancy bellies in the first place?

Hmmmm. Tough call.

A woman in Beijing was pretending to be pregnant and gain sympathy with a fake silicone bump that she bought online for 300 yuan, or $50, tied to her waist as she tried to get a seat on a crowded subway, according to the New York Daily News (via South China Morning Post).

The jig was up, however, once the belt tying the faux belly around her waist came loose.

That’s when the woman, whose surrname is Zhang, filed a complaint with the Liyuan Industrial and Commercial Bureau, saying it had been billed as “very realistic.”

However, the last laugh (and first, really) laugh appears to at Zhang, who has become an object of ridicule in Beijing. Not only was her claim rejected because the fake belly was not intended for a consumer for daily use (it’s sold as an acting prop), but she was also criticized in a newspaper editorial that said her complaints were of “poor quality,” not the device.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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