WHUCK?! Facebook Parenting for the Troubled Teen

The angry dad himself, ranting on YouTube.

I just saw a video on YouTube. It’s called “Facebook Parenting for the Troubled Teen.” It’s a video of a nice-looking dad in a cowboy hat. He is sitting in a chair outside, smoking a cigarette. Then he starts talking and this man is royally PISSED OFF. His 15-year-old daughter has just made him very angry by posting an obnoxious and profanity-laced note entitled: “To My Parents.”

This Facebook note rails against her parents, how lazy they are and how they are too hard on her, the chores she has to do every day and how difficult her life is. Apparently it’s not the first time she’s done something like this. According to her father’s video, she’s been grounded once before for something similar and has since blocked her mom and dad from her Facebook wall. Therefore, she didn’t think they would ever see it.But her father works in IT and had just spent the afternoon upgrading her PC. So he saw her note and he didn’t like it. His response? Record a YouTube video reading the note aloud, and respond to it by calling her lazy and disrespectful. Then he said he intends to post the video on her Facebook wall for all her friends to see.

The video is about 8 and half minutes long. At 7 minutes and 10 seconds, Hannah’s dad loses his damn mind and empties 7 or 8 shots from his 45 into his daughter’s laptop and tells her that when she’s done being grounded, she can have another laptop when she buys it herself.

Judging from the comments on YouTube, he’s either Father of the Year or a world class d-bag. I have seen this several times now, and I just have no words (other than what I just wrote here). What are your thoughts on Hannah’s dad, his angry rant and his application of Old West justice to his daughter’s PC?

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