Why Do Bloggers Charge For Giveaways?

In some ways, hosting a giveaway is the meat and potatoes of those mom blogs that focus on working with brands. Brands love them because they create great buzz about their products and can lead to far more social media chatter than a simple review.

Most giveaways include opportunities to enter via Tweets, mentioning on their own blogs (an SEO trick), and activity on Facebook (although we all know the rules about using a Facebook “like” as a giveaway entry, right? How it violates Facebook’s Terms of Service? Good.)

Bloggers also like hosting giveaways because they can attract new readers to their sites, so often they enter into hosting giveaways without much thought about the work involved. Because here’s the thing: there is a LOT of work involved with hosting giveaways. Which is why so many bloggers charge to host them.

“I always refer to my giveaways as sponsored posts,” Says Julie of Just Precious. “I charge because I’m offering space on my blog to share with my readers, making it the equivalent of advertising. More than that, I charge because giveaways take a lot of time to coordinate and promote.” She’s right simply verifying the entries alone can take hours of time, much less notifying the winner and coordinating the prize distribution.

Don’t forget the work that goes into promoting a giveaway, either. “I charge for hosting giveaways because they are the most time consuming way for me to promote a brand. Not only do I list my giveaway on multiple highly trafficked listing sites, but I heavily promote it on multiple social media channels,” says Annie of MamaDweeb. “This added with the time it takes to communicate with the winner and the brand to make sure the prize arrives to the correct destination makes for a very involved promotion.”

In addition, some bloggers cross promote their giveaways on other sites. “I charge to host giveaways because they take a good deal of time and energy to execute. I also pay money out of pocket to have the promotion listed on numerous other sites. Without getting paid, hosting a giveaway costs me money.” says Tania of Pure Natural Diva.

But not everyone views charging the same way. Emily of Colorado Moms feels that sometimes the prize itself is worth it. “I only charge though, if the item is valued at under $100. If it’s over $100, I feel like the item itself is compensation enough for the work involved.” Say Emily.

What about you? Do you charge for giveaways?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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