Why Have An Editorial Calendar for Your Blog

Generally, us homo sapiens are creatures of habit. We like to tune-in to our favorite shows on certain days of the week, go to the gym on other days, and the grocery store on yet others. As a busy mom, any bit of structure I can manage to create really goes a long way for my peace of mind and productivity. So as far as creating for and managing My Mommy Manual, having regular posting schedule is a Christmas miracle!

For my structured brain, it really helped me get my head in the right space knowing I had some parameters for my posts. You know, that blank canvas or blank page is the scariest of all. Instead of just writing on the fly, whatever occurred to us on any particular day, Suzanne and I sat down and created our editorial calendar. This was really helpful for us in a few ways. 1) It prevented us from pre-empting each others’ posts, 2) It helps us make sure there was fresh content on the site regularly and 3) It helped readers know what to expect.

So in addition to helping us organize our own time, it would be a double-win if we could create opportunities for our visitors to stop by on a regular basis, tuning into common threads that were published on specific days. For example, we had a regular tidbit on Yoga Parenting. Or other days when we do guest interviews or recipes.

So just think of all the ways you can employ a similar tactic on your blog: regular giveaways, product reviews, story lines…

Jen introduced me to a fabulous WordPress plugin that helps facilitate a posting schedule. It’s called (aptly so) Editorial Calendar. Now, I use it on Hopeful World as well and it makes it super easy to double-check that our class lessons are posted on the right days.

How do you organize your posts on your blog if at all?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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