Why I Don't Send Out Holiday Picture Cards

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Are you let down by a photo-less Christmas card?

I love Christmas and I enjoy getting glossy photos of my friends’ and family’s children, all dressed up in holiday splendor. I admire how they’ve grown and those cute little smiles. I also relish getting holiday cards with people’s pets dressed up since I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dog that I haven’t found adorable.

But I don’t send out holiday photo cards myself.

Back when my oldest was a baby, I noticed how many people were starting to send out the photo cards, but by no means did everyone do it back then. Now though, unless the senders have grown children or no children at all, the good majority of the cards I receive are picture cards.

I don’t think I’ve sent out a holiday card myself for at least four years. There was a year or two that I did get them made up, addressed and sent out. But the last few years, I’ve waited too long and then ended up sending regular yet pretty cards.

During the year, I’m quite discriminate about my card buying. I’ll stand in the card store until I find the perfect card for that particular person’s birthday or other celebration. I don’t pick up just anything because I want the wording to convey the exact sentiment I am looking for.

But every year around this time, besides work and regular family obligations, my focus goes into all the shopping, wrapping, entertaining and somewhere in the mix, I neglect the posing and printing. My girls are getting older and my son despises ‘fake smiling’ for the camera. Seriously, his school photos show a grim look that I am positive disappears about five seconds after the camera is snapped. If they took a photo of him in any part of his regular day, he’d look happier, but when asked to pose for a photo, it’s as if the Grinch jumped in his body preventing any semblance of joy.

I don’t personally mind not doing the holiday photo cards. After all, my close friends and family know my kids and what they look like. My friends that I don’t get to see often keep up with us on Facebook. I guess it’s the pressure that I’m one of the only moms that doesn’t get her kids’ face imprinted on their holiday cards.

Well, who knows, there’s always next year. Right now, I am promising myself to get my cards written out today so if you open one, please rest assured my wish for you is just the same, even without an accompanying photo.

Do you send out holiday photo cards? Would you ever send cards without a photo?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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