Why Kids Love the Beatles

beatles-rock-bandOne of my favorite stuffed animals when I was a kid was a raccoon. His name was Rocky, and yes, my parents named him.

Raised in the true Beatles generation,  it didn’t take a hard day’s night for my parents to hook their kid on John, Paul, George and Ringo.

Now, with all the hoop-la over Beatles Rock Band, there’s been a fair amount of debate over why they’re marketing an old band to today’s kids. And by all accounts, they’re expecting it to work.

An article in this month’s issue of Scholastic: Parent & Child broke down why the Fab Four have a hold on the under-four-foot-tall set. The experts they interview credit nonsensical lyrics that aren’t far off today’s kiddie tunes (“I am the eggman” over “Yooooooo, gabba, gabba?”) and themes that are akin to childhood development themes (“We Can Work It Out” sounds an awful lot like “share”).

A band that has engendered undying loyalty and unending hate, the Beatles are a love ’em or leave ’em group. I love ’em. My husband could leave ’em. So I tested ’em out on my kid.

Strawberry Fields elicited boredom. Eleanor Rigby had her dancing. By Let it Be she was singing along. Time to dig Rocky out of my parents’ attic, perhaps?

Do your kids dig the Beatles? If you’re not sure, call them into the room and try this one:

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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