Why Moms of Twins Live Longer

Having twins or triplets
Moms of twins more healthy overall

We always hear about how having twins is hard on mom, but a study of almost 60,000 women has turned up a surprising fact about moms of multiples: they tend to be healthier and live longer than moms who have one baby at a time.

The research, from the University of Utah, used historical data on 58,786 women, 4,603 of of whom had twins.

After the age of 50, mothers of twins were eight percent less likely to die each year than moms of singletons. Moms of twins also had more babies overall (even after factoring in doubling-up one time), babies closer together, and could have babies over a longer total age span.

In other words, moms of twins have some kind of super health power – for themselves and their offspring. Why would that be?

The researchers think that moms who are able to bare twins are generally healthier, hardier women. They may be physically up to the task of carrying two babies, and also have an increased reproductive capacity. They’re able to start having babies earlier and end later (the data found that women with twins generally were older at the age of their last baby than moms of singles — probably because they were overall fertile for longer in life).

The study was based on moms who who had twins naturally, not through fertility treatments, so that the researchers could look at the natural process of twin birth and what factors were associated with moms of twins.

But maybe moms of twins conceived with fertility treatment are somewhere in the mix as well — wouldn’t it take a pretty healthy woman to carry multiple babies no matter whether eggs met sperm naturally or not?

Either way, I the idea of seeing moms of twins as super-capable and healthy.

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