Why that Darth Vader Commercial Makes Some Parents Totally Nervous

Darth Vader CommericalYes, that Darth Vader commercial for Volkswagon is totally adorable. Who doesn’t love a little kid dressed up in his Star Wars best and trying to harness the force?

The spot which debuted during the Super Bowl is being called one of the top Super Bowl commercials of 2011. With good reason. It has it all: It’s fresh, has a cute kid and references one of the most beloved movies of all time. But while most chuckled and smiled while watching the ad, others namely parents cringed. Why?

It may be something in the parental DNA, but seeing a kid standing square in front of a car gives many a mom and/or dad a tinge of deep-seated tension. But that’s not the worst part. While the child in the ad is in front of the car, the Dad presses a button and the engine revs. The image of a small child in front of a car that happens to be on is one that makes those parents who tend to trend nervous even more startled. It’s not that the child is actually in danger, but just the gut reaction of the juxtaposition of a kid, a car, and a revving engine.

This feeling in those who felt that way is probably us just overreacting, but as parents, isn’t overreacting to our child’s or any child’s safety part of our job?

Check out the ad below.

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Image: YouTube

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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