Why We Eat Breast Milk Cheese and Ice Cream

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Why did people buy Baby Gaga breastmilk ice cream?

You’d think we’re having some kind of food shortage among industrialized nations, what with all the delicious breast milk offerings that seem to abound.

Some time ago, fancy New York chef Daniel Angerer made cheese out of his wife’s leftover breast milk. More recently, a London ice-cream shop hawked “Baby Gaga,” a delicious frozen dairy treat made from, among other ingredients, breast milk.

Do non-nurslings really need human milk to round out their daily nutritional needs. Are there adults who actually enjoy the cool sweetness of frozen num-nums on a cone?

Why, when, as a nation, we’re actually sort of skeeved out about breastfeeding, do we seem to be fascinated with consuming the stuff (and by “we” I mean “not me”)?

My Health News Daily‘s Amanda Chan talked to experts and concludes that adults who are lining up for a sip of mother’s milk are basically just showing off. And trying to gross out their friends. Apparently, this is part of the human condition.

Gavan Fitzsimons of Duke University tells Chan that we’re all programmed to find human secretions disgusting. At the same time, we’re also inclined to want to gross other people out. Collectively responding to something with disgust actually creates a bond in the group, Fitzsimon’s research reveals.

He tells Chan that humans like it when others have the same physical behaviors as us.  From

If you go to see a disgusting movie, everyone reacts the same way at the same time and so our emotional response is basically simultaneous and intense.

So all Angerer and the makers of Baby Gaga — and others who self-righteously tuck into breast milk laden goodies — are trying to do is bring people closer together.

World Peace, one drop of mother’s milk at a time. (*Shiver*)

Have you ever tried solids made from breast milk?

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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