Why You Shouldn't ReTweet A Reply — Twitter Wisdom from @UnMarketing

Scott Stratten, @unmarketing is kind of like a social media grandfather, sitting at his laptop, stroking his gotee, dispensing wisdom to his hundred thousand+ followers and fans.

Now don’t get me wrong, Scott is not old enough to be any of our grandfather — so Scott please don’t be insulted I just likened you to an old man. But Scott always seems to get me with his insights. And as I listen, I almost always find myself nodding in agreement, appreciating his discernment.

So when I saw Alison Kramer‘s link on Facebook tonight to Scott’s latest video, I clicked over to check it out. And once again, Scott got it right and explained the problem with retweeting a reply on Twitter so clearly, it was brilliant.

As Scott says in his YouTube description, he isn’t making a “rule,” he is just explaining why it works better to allow Twitter’s functionality to keep the reply stream flowing rather than destroying the “context” people are trying to preserve by retweeting an answer instead of replying.

After watching Scott’s explanation, I won’t be hitting retweet when I want to answer someone’s question. I will hit reply and let my followers decide if they want to check out the reply stream that will truly allow them to read the whole context of the conversation.

Yes, there is the argument that you may want to retweet the question to engage all of your followers, and I can see the validity in that point. And as Scott said, he is not trying to make “rules,” rather he is explaining how the reply function allows the entire conversation thread to be called up.

Thanks @UnMarketing! I love to learn lessons at 1am while procrastinating on Facebook.

What do you think? Do you agree with Scott? Do you answer questions on Twitter by reply or by retweeting with your answer at the front of your tweet?

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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