Why Your Husbands Ex-Wife Doesn’t Like You

My reality doesn’t include any interaction with my ex, which means no interaction with his wife either. But I imagine for some of you reading this, your reality does include some ex-spouse interaction. If you are married to a man who has an ex-wife you might feel like she can’t stand you, and chances are she can’t. But there is also the possibility that she doesn’t dislike you and instead dislikes what you represent. That’s not just my take but also the way they see it over at The Huffington Post, where they answered a reader’s question as to why her husband’s ex-wife didn’t like her.

How would you feel if someone was essentially living the life that you once lived? What if another woman was spending time with your children, reading them bedtime stories and tucking them in at night? Would you be able to see it as more love for your children or would a part of you feel resentful that someone else is doing a job that was strictly reserved for you?

Today I’m sharing two reasons your husband’s ex hates you after the jump.



1. Her ex acts like a different person with you than he did with her He treats you like a queen and it appears he adores you. He is a completely different man than the one she was married to. It is easy for your husband’s ex to wonder why he behaves so differently and in the event that she hasn’t moved on, it can be even more painful for her to see the “new” version of her ex-husband.

2. You’re doing things with her children that she normally would Take her daughter prom dress shopping or take her  to get her hair done just like yours and it might just warrant her not being your biggest fan. These are things that a mother often dreams about doing with her own daughter, not hearing her child give an account of sharing such experiences with you.


It’s possible she will never like you. Really, you may never like her either but knowing the reasons why she dislikes you, if that is the case, might help you to be more mindful of boundaries and take her feelings into consideration when you interact with her and your bonus children.

Do you have any negative interactions with your spouse’s ex-wife and if so how do you get through it? Or are you an ex wife facing challenges with your husband’s new wife?


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