Will and Kate’s Selfie: 5 Famous Photos Recreated As ‘Selfies’

The ‘selfie’ has become the ultimate form of self-expression in a digital word. Everyone from moms to kids are snapping them. We take photos of ourselves and share them with our family, friends and strangers on social media. We can choose to represent ourselves in any way we want; pensive, sexy, happy, sad, whatever we want to say to the world at that second.

But have you ever wondered what the selfies of famous people would be like? What if the couple who famously kissed in Times Square upon hearing that victory was declared in World War 2 took a selfie?

What if JFK and Jackie took a quick snap after he was elected?

An ad agency in South Africa, Lowe and Partners, has created an amazing new ad campaign for a newspaper there. Under the tag line ‘Every story feels like a first-hand account’ the ad agency recreated the photos as if the world famous subjects had taken selfies.

Kirk Gainsford, executive creative director at Lowe and Partners, tells New York Daily News, “Newspapers are under threat from all forms of digital media and social media, so it is crucial we create messaging that reminds readers of the value of great journalism…In the past we have spoken about the objectivity of great journalism, this time we wanted to speak about good reporting being close to the source…The closer you are to the subject the truer and more intimate the story. You don’t get closer than the subject of the story being the photographer.”

The agency tried to match the headline of the newspaper with the time the photo was taken. Check out everyone from JFK and Jackie to Winston Churchill in the photos below.

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