Will Your Daughter ‘Put It On’? Music Video Mocks Skimpy Clothing

Tired of your teens watching music videos that promote the idea that young women should be scantily-clothed? Then the tongue-in-cheek video above might be the answer to your prayers…kind of.

Dave and Brian, the touring, Philadelphia-based musical comedy duo behind the video, have described themselves as “pro-clothes.” In their song, “Put It On,” they praise an attractive young woman for making “a nun look so underdressed” by wearing sweatpants over her jeans and going to other hilarious lengths to cover up.

“In the literal sense/You’re the hottest girl that I’ve ever known/You’ve got an empty closet/’Cause you’re wearing everything that you own,” they sing.

Accordingly, the woman starring in their video attracts admiring glances in a nightclub while wearing a turtleneck sweater, ultimately leading other women to rush to a bathroom and layer themselves in coats and hats.

Clearly, no teen is going to watch this video and immediately think, “Wow! Wearing tons of clothing is cool! I’m burning my midriff shirts and getting my own turtleneck!” Frankly, college-aged me might have reacted with, “Funny. Now where’s my handkerchief top?”

But Dave told me they do hope their song and video encourages conversation in addition to laughs.

“We are comedians so part of our main motivation for writing this song was to mock all of the other songs and media pressures on young women to be scantily clad,” Dave Hopping said. “Also though, as Christians who do a lot of youth events, we thought it might be a fun way to open up dialogue about how women are portrayed or made to feel they have to dress a certain way to get noticed.”

The recent birth of Brian’s daughter, Dave said, also inspired the pair.

“We hope this starts a revolution that catches on by the time she gets into music,” he joked.


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