Will Your Little One Be Sporting A "Babykini" At The Beach?

Would you put this on your child?

Summer’s here. That means beach trips, lawn sprinklers and pool parties. Swimsuit season.

For parents of girls, swimsuit season comes with an increasingly inescapable question: are you going to let your daughter wear that?

Last month, I wrote about how more and more girls’ clothes are incorporating “sexy” adult features. There’s perhaps no worse culprit than the “babykini”. Why do string bikinis for babies even exist? And who buys these things?

The whole point of a bikini is to show off as much of a woman’s body as she can get away with, while strategically hiding the naughty bits. It’s meant to make you look. Babies don’t have naughty bits. Why would you put something like that on a baby? It’d be like dressing your toddler in lingerie.

Personally, I don’t see why a baby or toddler needs a swimsuit at all. A swim diaper, sure, if they’re not potty trained. Otherwise, what are you covering up? There’s something creepy about putting a bikini top on a toddler, as if her body could be sexualized that way. There’s nothing sexual about a baby’s body. Putting sexy clothes on them just seems wrong.

Of course, we all have bigger things to worry about than whether or not your baby’s cuteness is wrapped up in a string bikini. It’s not like the kid is involved in these fashion choices, or will even remember them. For some parents, it’s probably cute the way mini biker jackets are cute: tiny versions of adult clothes that are adorable because they’re so wrong on a baby.

Still, for me the sexy swimwear is over the line. I had a hard enough time letting my seven-year-old have a tankini this year instead of a one-piece suit. There’s no way I’d put a string bikini on a baby.

How about you? Do you think this takes the sexy baby clothes thing too far, or is it just cute?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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