Will Your Tomboy Grow Up to Be a Lesbian? One Study Thinks So.

Do you have a Tomboy? Do you wonder if that little girl of yours – who would rather climb trees then sit down to pretend to sip tea – will grow up to be a lesbian?  One new study thinks she might.

A team from the Queen Mary University in London recently completed research about “sexual orientation and gender conforming traits in women.” They believe that they have discovered that both sexual orientation and gender conforming traits are genetic. It is not learned through conditioning, it is just the way they were born just like Lady Gaga says.

The study notes that there are “consistent differences in the psychological characteristics of boys and girls.” Boys like to rough house. Girls like to play house. But then there are those girls (and boys) who crossover. The researchers said that about one third of “gender nonconformity” seen in girls is A precursor to them becoming a lesbian later in life.

Dr. Qazi Rahman, co-author of the study stated that, “We found that there is a connection between these mental traits and how sexual orientation develops. One idea is that there is an association between these psychological traits and sexual orientation because they all develop under common biological drivers; like the development of brain regions under the influence of genes and sex hormones.”

Sure, that could explain the “butch” lesbians, but how about the “lipstick” lesbians?

Do you think the fact that a girl may be a Tomboy might lead them to be a lesbian when they grow up or is this just another one of those silly studies?


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