William and Kate Honeymoon Delay: Timed for Starting a Family?

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The newlyweds ... heading back to work?

See if this sounds familiar:

Longtime couple finally gets married. Friends and family gather for over-the-top wedding and reception. Couple spends the wedding night in a nearby hotel. The following Monday, everyone — including the newlyweds! — returns to work.

Whether it’s due to the recession, important work projects, convenience, or because of pregnancies or the fact that they already have kids — plenty of couples opt out of a honeymoon immediately following their wedding. That’s exactly what the newest royal couple, Prince William and Kate are doing, too.

The BBC is reporting that, after all that pomp and partying, Prince William will return to work on Monday.

Like 99 percent of married couples in the U.S., William and Kate intend to go on a honeymoon. Increasingly, Americans also put off taking a post-nuptials couples trip. Sometimes, they want to see how much¬† money they got from their wedding in order to set a budget. Other times, they want to hold out for special deals that come up in the off-season. Still others want to use their honeymoon as a chance to start a family. Maybe that’s how William and Kate will time their travels. The world is watching!

In any case, waiting on a honeymoon and returning to work post haste isn’t the only way these royals are like modern American couples.¬† Here’s how William and Kate compare to their American newlywed counterparts now that they are a married couple.

  • Average number of guests at a U.S. wedding is 178. William and Kate blew that number out of the water.
  • Average cost of a wedding is $20,000 in the U.S., the budget for the royal wedding cake, no doubt.
  • Average U.S. bride is 25.3. Kate is 29.
  • Average U.S. groom is 26.9. Prince William is 28.
  • Kate is slightly older than her husband, but they are within a year of each other in age. A decade ago, over 30 percent of all U.S. couples were so close in age — the most common match-up for couples in this country.

Top royal honeymoon destination picks for U.K. bookies is Kenya (3/1 odds), followed by Scotland (3/1) and Jordan (7/2). But the most popular honeymoon destination worldwide is Istanbul, Turkey, followed by … dare we even hope … Las Vegas!

Did you take a honeymoon right away? If not, what made you wait?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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