WIN: Felix Baumgartner’s Free-Fall Redone in LEGO Form (Video)

Did you guys check out Felix Baumgartner free-falling from outer space on Sunday? The event, which took five years of planning, was streamed live on YouTube.

The 120,000 foot jump, which took place over Roswell, New Mexico, broke the 102,800 ft record set by US Air Force legend, Col. Joe Kittinger 52 years ago, according to YouTube’s blog. After rising in a helium-propelled capsule, Mr. Baumgartner jumped from 23 miles up.

In the video, you can hear Mr. Baumgartner speaking with Col. Kittinger, advising him from Mission Control.

And now, the video has already been re-made in LEGO form. Check out both videos, below!

Here’s the original:



And here’s the Lego version:



(via: WebProNews)

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