Windows Live Movie Maker 2011 – Saving Time, Money and Memories

windows movie maker 2011Isn’t it amazing how affordable, powerful and simple to use technology is becoming?

Over nine years ago when Jackson was born, the idea of shooting, editing and sharing videos of his first words with my online friends wasn’t even on my radar.

Sure, I had a video camera — I think it cost about $800 — but I never edited the videos or even copied them onto any backup media or shared it with anyone. I think the only way we watched it was connecting the camera to the TV. Jackson did love watching videos of himself and I actually kept him busy for hours playing back videos of him laughing, eating and learning to walk. But really only Jackson and I ever watched it.

But now, with a $100 HD camera — or even a smart phone — we can all record Hi Def videos, edit them with free video editing software and publish them on free video and file sharing websites.

It’s a good time for baby making and memory making.

Now that Windows have released Windows Live Essentials 2011 — a FREE and feature-rich suite of services and programs online that includes the easy video editing software Windows Live Movie Maker 2011 — you don’t have to lay down a ton of cash or learn a complicated program to edit and share your videos.

For example, during BlogHer’11 this weekend, Susan captured the surprise flash mob on her Kodak Zi8. Then in just minutes saved the file to her hard drive, edited it in Windows Movie Maker 2011 and shared it on YouTube.

The “editing” wasn’t very fancy and it only took a minute or two. She added a title slide (and changed its background color, text color and text size), added a transition, set the start and stop points to trim the beginning and ending of the video and added another title slide for credits at the end.

Then with a click it was published YouTube button.

So. Easy.

And when Mary from The Mama Mary Show who organized the flash mob, asked for the raw file, with a simple click she shared the 250MB file through Windows Live SkyDrive.

Moms, with the low cost of video cameras and PCs and now such a simple, powerful and free video editing program, you’re out of excuses… let’s start seeing your videos.

Leave us a comment with a link to YOUR YouTube channel and tell us what video editing software you use.

Or, if you haven’t yet started making videos, tell us what’s holding you back.

Disclosure: Susan and I through our site 5 Minutes For Mom were sponsored by Microsoft Windows to attend BlogHer’11.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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