Wisdom from Mom Bloggers: How Do You Unplug and Take a Timeout from Blogging?

Are you a tech junkie? Find it hard to peel yourself away from your laptop or smartphone and take a nice breath of fresh, tech-free air? You’re not alone.

Even our favorite bloggers find it difficult to unplug and leave blogging/Tweeting/Facebooking/texting behind for a couple of hours. That’s why we asked our Top 100 Mom Bloggers what activities help them step away from the keyboard and take a timeout from blogging. From spending time with their kids, to gardening and exercising — get inspired on how you yourself can unplug, after the jump!


  • Seat-dancing to Katy Perry 1 of 21
    Seat-dancing to Katy Perry
    I unplug in the car with my boy. No pinging, ringing, or updates are more important than seat-dancing to Katy Perry. Plus, I need all my attention and both free hands to force him to talk about who he sat next to at lunch.
    - Jessica Ashley, Sassafrass
  • Reading in tents 2 of 21
    Reading in tents
    I read. A lot. And I play. A lot. There's a lot building tents out of sheets and holing away inside with stacks of books and other
    - Sara Sophia, Love, Sara Sophia
  • Who has time to unplug? 3 of 21
    Who has time to unplug?
    I don't. Seriously, ask my husband. I've been known to text in bed … if you know what I'm saying.
    - Brittany Gibbons, Barefoot Foodie
  • Dreaming of Europe 4 of 21
    Dreaming of Europe
    I watch House Hunters International and obsess over moving
    to Europe.
    — Sarah James, Whoorl
  • On the Road 5 of 21
    On the Road
    The only time I TRULY unplug is when I go to my family's camp in the woods or to Mexico where my connection is lousy.
    - Danielle Altshuler Wiley, Foodmomiac
  • Gardening 6 of 21
    I garden. It started as a way to grow organic fruit and veggies for my big family because the cost to buy them was too high. I quickly fell in love with the process of preparing the soil, planting seeds, and patiently waiting for the plant to grow.
    - Alli Worthington, Alli Worthington
  • Weekend excursions 7 of 21
    Weekend excursions
    Getting out of the house with the kids on the weekends is the best bet for me to unplug, ideally somewhere that my phone connection sucks. Fortunately, AT&T can be very helpful in that regard.
    - Liz Gumbinner, Mom 101
  • Organizing 8 of 21
    I rarely stop thinking about what I need to write, but the one thing that gives my mind a break is straightening up my stuff. Rearranging my closet, organizing old photo albums, going through my bead box and planning a new necklace — these are things that wholly
    engage me.
    - Eden M. Kennedy, Fussy
  • Hitting the pavement 9 of 21
    Hitting the pavement
    Running … or... gosh ... I think I need to unplug more.
    - Jenny Ingram, Jenny on the Spot
  • Snapping pictures 10 of 21
    Snapping pictures
    The thing that really helps me focus on the world in a different way and truly helps me unplug is picking up my beloved Nikon camera.
    - Joanne Bamberger, PunditMom
  • Ice-skating 11 of 21
    I try to get away from the computer, television, and smartphone at least once a day. I've been taking ice-skating lessons (and have the bruises to prove it!) and last year, I completed my tenth marathon.
    - Elizabeth Jayne Liu, Flourish in Progress
  • Leaving the house 12 of 21
    Leaving the house
    The only way for me to unplug is to get out of the house — otherwise, I am too tempted to work. I like to take long walks and leave the iPhone at home. Or I'll read a book in our local coffee shop.
    - Ellen Seidman, Love that Max
  • Splitting my time 13 of 21
    Splitting my time
    I think it's important to set aside hours to work and hours to play; I'm offline a lot of the day and most weekends. Two of my tricks: I don't carry my iPhone around the house with me, and with few exceptions, I stay away from the laptop during the after-school hours
    through bedtime.
    — Gabrielle Blair, Design Mom
  • I can unplug — but I can’tturn my brain off 14 of 21
    I can unplug — but I can'tturn my brain off
    Even when I unplug, I'm always blogging in my head. It's a problem, frankly. The world just looks different once you have a blog. Every situation has an angle that can be turned into a blog post. Semi-annual teeth cleaning? BLOG IT! Family heirloom destroyed by your children? There's a blog post for that. Kids caught playing with bio-hazardous materials? CHA-CHING! The dog ate something ridiculous and pooped it out in the yard! BLOGGING GOLD. It's sick, I tell you.
    - Iris Beard, The Bearded Iris
  • Camping with my daughters 15 of 21
    Camping with my daughters
    A few times a year, I go camping with my daughters' Girl Scout troops. Most of our campsites don't even have cell phone reception, much less Internet access. After the initial twitchiness of Facebook withdrawal, it's pretty blissful.
    - Josyln Gray, Stark Raving Mad Mommy
  • Physical activity 16 of 21
    Physical activity
    I train for triathlons and other races. Running, biking, and swimming are great ways to escape from everything except moving forward, and those breaks help me focus my energies when I am writing.
    - Julie Marsh, Julie Marsh
  • Watching the boob tube 17 of 21
    Watching the boob tube
    I unplug by watching TV — does that count? The question is: how does my TV unplug? Poor TV.
    - Kacy Faulconer, Every Day I Write the Book
  • Putting pedal to the metal 18 of 21
    Putting pedal to the metal
    I mountain bike. When you're mountain biking, if you think about anything but your butt on the seat, your butt won't be on the seat
    for long.
    — KJ DellAntonia, Motherlode
  • Escaping to the hills 19 of 21
    Escaping to the hills
    I read everything. I listen to music. I dance. And I love going home to the hills of southeastern Ohio to escape.
    - Amy Turn Sharp, Amy Turn Sharp
  • Taking long walks on the beach 20 of 21
    Taking long walks on the beach
    I love to walk on the beach — and reality TV is always nice, too.
    - Kristen Howerton, Rage Against the Minivan
  • Snuggling with my hubby 21 of 21
    Snuggling with my hubby
    I'm not very good at unplugging completely, but I do try to carve out away-from-the-computer time every day. I love snuggling with my husband and dog at the end of a long day, preferably with a big bowl of popcorn and something terrible on television.
    - Mir Kamin, Woulda Coulda Shoulda

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