Wisdom from Mom Bloggers: What I Wish Id Known Before Starting My Blog

Sure, your favorite mom bloggers might seem like seasoned professionals now, but even these bright ladies needed to start somewhere. Every one of the writers you’ve come to cherish in the blogosphere ultimately started out as newbies and learned as they went. But lucky for us, these women have already blazed the blogger trail and are now here to offer advice! For those of you looking to start your own blog, we asked our 2011 Top 100 Mom Bloggers to share one thing they wish they’d known before they started their blog. From the importance of picking the right name to remembering that what’s written on the Internet stays on the Internet, these women offer a treasure trove of advice and tips. Check out their answers, after the jump!


  • The art of the tweet 1 of 20
    The art of the tweet
    I wish I'd known more about social media, specifically Twitter. I did not use these critical tools very effectively my first year as a blogger. But once I started learning how to really use Twitter to my advantage, my readership and my network definitely grew leaps and bounds. I LOVE Twitter now!
    (See: For best results, tweet like a ho-bag.)
    - Iris Beard, The Bearded Iris
  • The perks 2 of 20
    The perks
    That it would be a great way to keep my inbox full of a steady stream of pitches for fad diets, Kardashian news, and vaginal dryness remedies. If I'd have known, I'd have started way sooner.
    - Liz Gumbinner, Mom 101
  • Embrace the community 3 of 20
    Embrace the community
    I'd been blogging for three years before I had any children, so technically I didn't start a mom blog. And by that time I'd already made a lot of naive mistakes for me and others to learn from (don't blog about your boss's Botox treatments, y'all). Maybe I wish I'd known how incredible the community would be so that when I did have my first child, I could have reached out for help earlier.
    - Heather Armstrong, Dooce
  • The name is everything 4 of 20
    The name is everything
    I wish I'd known to pick a better name. Definitely.
    - Brittany Gibbons, Barefoot Foodie
  • Time management 5 of 20
    Time management
    How better to manage my time (I still wish for this). As I'm constantly drawn to write, day after day, night after night … I often sacrifice sleep in the name of the site.
    - Danielle Smith, Extraordinary Mommy
  • What happens on the Internet … stays on the Internet 6 of 20
    What happens on the Internet … stays on the Internet
    I wish I'd known that everything you put on the Internet is on the Internet forever — even if you delete it. I've written things I'm not proud of, and I wish I had taken a more thoughtful and kind approach to many subjects.
    - Heather Spohr, The Spohrs Are Multiplying
  • The right blogging platform 7 of 20
    The right blogging platform
    I wish I'd known to start on Wordpress; Blogger lost so much of my stuff. First-world problems, but still, a problem.
    - Casey Mullins, Moosh in Indy
  • Tools of the trade 8 of 20
    Tools of the trade
    Photoshop. I still don't know it — but everyone else does, so you better get on it.
    - Kacy Faulconer, Every Day I Write the Book
  • Friends in high places 9 of 20
    Friends in high places
    Neil Patrick-Harris. I still wish I knew him. He seems like a nice guy.
    - Jenny Lawson, The Bloggess
  • The rewards 10 of 20
    The rewards
    How fulfilling it would be. I'm also really glad that I made the decision to never write anything I wouldn't say to the people in my life to their faces.
    - Roxanna Sarmiento, Everyday Treats
  • We’re in it together 11 of 20
    We're in it together
    Blogging is not a zero-sum game. Really, it's not. When another blogger has an amazing post, it doesn't mean you can't have an amazing post. When a mom turns blogging into other opportunities, be happy for her! Every blogger blazes her own trail.
    - Elizabeth Jayne Liu, Flourish in Progress
  • Practice makes perfect 12 of 20
    Practice makes perfect
    That it's okay to write poorly at first. Take your time, write poorly, get better, see mistakes, write well. It's a process, and it's not a bad thing to use blogging
    for practice.
    - Kelly Wickham, Mocha Momma
  • Do not commit an NUI (Naming Under the Influence) 13 of 20
    Do not commit an NUI (Naming Under the Influence)
    That you should not name your blog in 30 seconds while under the influence of two gin and tonics.
    - Laura Mayes, Blog con Queso
  • Hindsights 20/20 14 of 20
    Hindsights 20/20
    I was about to say how hard it would be to find a following or how competitive it can feel at times or how obsessed I would become about traffic or how sad I would feel when a post doesn't have the impact I thought it would. But I'm glad I didn't know any of those things. I might not have started.
    - Ilana Wiles, Mommy Shorts
  • You’ll figure it out eventually 15 of 20
    You'll figure it out eventually
    I wish I'd known that regardless of the many ways we are told to do it, like parenting, you just have to find your own way and figure out what works best for you.
    - Carol Cain, NYCity Mama
  • Were all in the same boat 16 of 20
    Were all in the same boat
    I wasn't the only one feeling completely overwhelmed by parenting.
    - Asha Dornfest, Parent Hacks
  • Network, network, network 17 of 20
    Network, network, network
    I wish I'd known about blogging conferences because I would have started attending them right away. Even though I started writing PunditMom in 2006, I wish I had gone to some early conferences when they were smaller and more intimate.
    - Joanne Bamberger, PunditMom
  • How big it would become 18 of 20
    How big it would become
    I wish I had known it was going to blow up. I think I would have used a pseudonym or my maiden name.
    - Sarah Braesch, Sarah and the Goon Squad
  • The kinds of people you’ll meet (virtually, at least) 19 of 20
    The kinds of people you'll meet (virtually, at least)
    I wish I'd known that the anonymity of the Internet brings out the best and the worst in people. There are people who seem to make it their job to stir up trouble and be hurtful; there are people who reach out to help others with a generosity of spirit that blows me away.
    - Josyln Gray, Stark Raving Mad Mommy
  • Its length of reach 20 of 20
    Its length of reach
    I wish I'd known how it would impact far-flung family members. Some offhand comments I've made have really hurt people.
    - Cecily Kellogg, Uppercase Woman

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