Wisdom from Mom Bloggers: Undiscovered Bloggers Who Deserve the Spotlight

One of the limitations of lists like our Top 100 Mom Bloggers piece is that there simply isn’t enough space to showcase the sheer volume of insane talent and beautiful voices we come across in our daily Internet reads. So we polled the moms who made our list to ask them which “undiscovered” blogger they thought deserved a bigger audience. Check out which bloggers they have bookmarked — maybe you’ll find a new favorite blogger to follow. And the best part? When they get big, you can say you knew ’em when.

  • Laura, The Queen of Hyperbole 1 of 20
    Laura, The Queen of Hyperbole
    My friend Laura of The Queen of Hyperbole is simply fantastic. She's easily one of the top five writers doing mom blogs right now. Her writing is so good that she's one of the few people who make me regularly gasp aloud and weep uncontrollably. Cannot recommend her enough.
    — Tracey Gaughran-Perez, Sweetney
  • Eden Riley, Edenland 2 of 20
    Eden Riley, Edenland
    Eden Riley is one of the most amazing writers out there. She's raw and real and every post leaves me sighing or crying. I love finding bloggers that inspire me to write better, and Eden is one of those people.
    — Heather Spohr, The Spohrs Are Multiplying
  • Glow in the Woods 3 of 20
    Glow in the Woods
    Glow in the Woods is the haven for bereaved parents that I founded with Bon Stewart of Crib Chronicles. We met after the deaths of our infant sons and since then, even though Bon and I have both moved on from contributing there, Glow has become the most incredible community of spiritual but non-religious reflection, acerbic beauty, and superb writing on everything magic and horrible and divine. It's for and about parents who have experienced infant or pregnancy loss, but it's just as much of a prompt and a warmth for anyone who's experienced grief and needs more than cherubs and dust to navigate it.
    — Kate Inglis, Sweet Salty
  • Maggie Doyne, BlinkNow 4 of 20
    Maggie Doyne, BlinkNow
    Maggie Doyne of Blink Now might not be your typical mom blogger, but you'll find her stories touching, inspiring, and incredibly humbling. She's 10 years younger than I am, yet I learn so much from her.
    — Irene Nam, Irene Nam
  • Blackbird 5 of 20
    I always enjoy pointing people toward Blackbird. With a calm voice, she offers a little bit of everything — fashion, food, photography, stories of her (nearly grown) sons. I love her.
    — Angela, Fluid Pudding
  • How can I pick just one? 6 of 20
    How can I pick just one?
    Suburban Snapshots hits exactly the right notes— intelligent, touching and humorous. Wendi Aarons always has ridiculously funny material. Wait in the Van and And Then Kate both have original voices that are hilarious. And Ninja Mom has just the right amount of raunch.
    — Ilana Wiles, Mommy Shorts
  • Siobhan Connally, Ittybits & Pieces 7 of 20
    Siobhan Connally, Ittybits & Pieces
    I really like Siobhan Connally of Ittybits & Pieces. Her thoughtful posts and absolutely gorgeous photography need to be seen by more people. I'm never disappointed when I stop by.
    — Liz Gumbinner, Mom 101
  • Amanda King, Last Mom on Earth 8 of 20
    Amanda King, Last Mom on Earth
    I'm madly in love with Amanda from Last Mom on Earth. Her blog is so beautiful, so aching, and reminds me every day what I love about blogging.
    — Cecily Kellogg, Uppercase Woman
  • Andrea Jenkins, HulaSeventy 9 of 20
    Andrea Jenkins, HulaSeventy
    I don't know that she's "undiscovered," but Andrea Jenkins of HulaSeventy deserves a huge audience. She's a brilliant photographer, and her writing is breathtaking. I love her work.
    — Karen Walrond, Chookooloonks
  • Becca, Im Pretty Sure That 10 of 20
    Becca, Im Pretty Sure That
    I've enjoyed getting to know Becca at I'm Pretty Sure That. She is absolutely hilarious and unafraid to poke fun at herself.
    — Elizabeth Jayne Liu, Flourish in Progress
  • Tiffin Mills, Linwood Avenue 11 of 20
    Tiffin Mills, Linwood Avenue
    Tiffin Mills of Linwood Avenue is not undiscovered but needs more readers for sure. I love her. She's a great mom who is damn crafty.
    — Amy Turn Sharp, Amy Turn Sharp
  • Erin Patchell, Creating Little Monsters 12 of 20
    Erin Patchell, Creating Little Monsters
    One way or another, I happened upon the blog Creating Little Monsters, written by a mom way up there in the woods of Canada. (Caveat: She might actually live in a city. I haven't asked.) Erin Patchell, the girl behind creating little monsters, describes her three children as "the most inspiringly beautiful, ridiculously energetic, terrifyingly destructive, and outrageously creative tribe of little monsters." I like it.
    — Jennifer, Bug and the Sweet Banana
  • Shauna Glenn 13 of 20
    Shauna Glenn
    Not enough people read Shauna Glenn. She makes me pee my pants ... on the regular.
    — Brittany Gibbons, Barefoot Foodie
  • Abra, Better Than Cupcakes 14 of 20
    Abra, Better Than Cupcakes
    I've loved Abra of Better Than Cupcakes since I started blogging. She is a beautiful, thoughtful writer — creative in ways that I can only dream about — and totally in love with her family. It is blogs like hers that remind me of why I love being a part of this community.
    — Jessica Shyba, Momma's Gone City
  • Bethe Almeras, The Grass Stain Guru 15 of 20
    Bethe Almeras, The Grass Stain Guru
    For exuberance, cheer, and a good reason to go outside (or send the kids out, at least), I love the Grass Stain Guru, and its mistress, Bethe Almeras.
    — Lenore Skenazy, Free-range Kids
  • Amy Sneed Heinz, Using Our Words 16 of 20
    Amy Sneed Heinz, Using Our Words
    Amy Sneed Heinz at Using Our Words is not undiscovered, but she is a great writer, whip-smart, super-funny, and gets to be incredibly nice, too. I'd love to see her wear some kind of bloggy tiara.
    — Jessica Ashley, Sassafrass
  • Kim Holmes, Miss Zoot 17 of 20
    Kim Holmes, Miss Zoot
    Every time I'm asked this question, I rave about Miss Zoot. Besides being a conscientious blogger who updates nearly every day and a demonstrably great mom who celebrates her family in every post, Kim is warm, funny, and easy to relate to — and I wish I were more like she is. And can I add a special bonus blogger? Everyone should read Tiffany at Electric Boogaloo. Not only is she observant, funny, and marvelously inventive, she homeschools her kids and doesn't even swear about it.
    — Julie Robichaux, A Little Pregnant
  • Rebekah Kuschmider, Mom-in-a-Million 18 of 20
    Rebekah Kuschmider, Mom-in-a-Million
    The funniest, smartest, most awesome blogger who's still flying under the radar is Mom-In-A-Million. I have no idea how she hasn't been snapped up to write full-time for Jezebel: her mom-view on politics, celebrities, and all things news-y is always on-point and hilarious. Even if you don't always agree with her, she makes you think and laugh, and that's rare.
    — Joslyn Gray, Stark Raving Mad Mommy
  • Tina Rowley, The Gallivanting Monkey 19 of 20
    Tina Rowley, The Gallivanting Monkey
    Tina Rowley, who writes at The Gallivanting Monkey, writes with more heart and humor and wisdom than almost anyone I know.
    — Eden M. Kennedy, Fussy
  • Christine Harmon, Body Acumen 20 of 20
    Christine Harmon, Body Acumen
    Christine Harmon of Body Acumen LLC is passionate about fitness, great food, and motherhood. Her blog always inspires me to be a more active and healthy mom.
    — Roxanna Sarmiento, Everyday Treats

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