Wisdom from Mom Bloggers: What Does Your Family Think About Your Blog?

Having complete strangers read about your life is one thing … but throw family and friends into that mix, and things can get prickly. This is especially true for those mom bloggers who take the no-holds-barred approach to writing. That’s why we asked our 2011 Top 100 Mom Bloggers what their families think about their blog. From fathers who believe there’s too much talk of vaginas to kids who are more impressed with their mom’s video game skills than her writing, find out what these families’ impressions, after the jump!


  • They love it … except for the vagina talk 1 of 18
    They love it … except for the vagina talk
    At first they didn't understand, and my father cringed each month signing his half of my student loan payments. But now they're ridiculously proud of me. Unless I write about my vagina; then we all just avoid eye contact for a week and pretend it
    never happened.
    - Brittany Gibbons, Barefoot Foodie
  • Ignorance is bliss 2 of 18
    Ignorance is bliss
    They ignore it for the most part, as should any living creature.
    - Jenny Lawson, The Bloggess
  • It could be worse 3 of 18
    It could be worse
    They think it keeps me off the streets. They enjoy reading it, knowing that I keep our private stuff private. Fluid Pudding is mostly warm and fluffy, as it should be.
    - Angela Reiner Downing, Fluid Pudding
  • It’s nothing compared to video games 4 of 18
    It's nothing compared to video games
    My kids are more impressed by my ability to defeat General Grievous in Lego Star Wars: The Clone Wars.
    - Josyln Gray, Stark Raving Mad Mommy
  • Too many lady parts 5 of 18
    Too many lady parts
    My dad thinks I talk about my lady parts too much. My mom wants my job. My husband wants me to invent the next Twitter.
    - Casey Mullins, Moosh in Indy
  • Its a piece of humble pie 6 of 18
    Its a piece of humble pie
    My parents ignore it; my sisters check in occasionally; and my children only see it on Facebook when I provide a link to it. They don't seek it out to read. Basically, they seek to keep me humble.
    - Kelly Wickham, Mocha Momma
  • They love it 7 of 18
    They love it
    We are all a bunch of hams, so this blogging thing is a great fit for the personality of my family.
    - Jenny Ingram, Jenny on the Spot
  • It takes up dinnertime 8 of 18
    It takes up dinnertime
    They probably think they'd eat better (or at least earlier) if I worked on it less.
    - Lenore Skenazy, Free-Range Kids
  • If they only knew … 9 of 18
    If they only knew ...
    Shhhhh — they don't know about it. Well, for the most part, anyway.
    - Kristen Chase, Motherhood Uncensored
  • Its no Facebook 10 of 18
    Its no Facebook
    The people that live in my house require that I receive their approval before posting anything involving them. My extended family thinks it has something to do with "The Facebook" … or something.
    - Laura Mayes, Blog con Queso
  • Its the elephant in the room 11 of 18
    Its the elephant in the room
    We try not to talk about it much. It's like the embarrassing madman chained to the furnace that every family has … oh, like you don't.
    - Julie Robichaux, A Little Pregnant
  • Let the exploitation continue! 12 of 18
    Let the exploitation continue!
    My husband loves it, although he likes to pre-approve anything embarrassing I write about him. My daughters are too young to feel violated so I plan to exploit that freedom until it runs out, which could be soon.
    - Stefanie Wilder-Taylor, Baby on Bored
  • Its a good laugh 13 of 18
    Its a good laugh
    My kids are just getting old enough to read it. They think it's funny and embarrassing. I exaggerate about how successful my blog is, which makes them very proud.
    - Kacy Faulconer, Every Day I Write the Book
  • Mom clocks in at the computer 14 of 18
    Mom clocks in at the computer
    I think their thoughts range from "Mom puts her writing in the computer" to "Mom has friends who live in her computer" to "The computer is Mom's job." Personally, I think it's all three.
    - Sara Sophia, Love, Sara Sophia
  • It pays the bills 15 of 18
    It pays the bills
    Seven years later they're finally coming around. Nobody brings it up much, though, and some people are still pretty derisive about it even though it's how I pay the bills.
    - Monica Bielanko, The Girl Who
  • They have mixed feelings 16 of 18
    They have mixed feelings
    My kids vacillate between "Cool!" and "You aren't allowed to blog about us ever again unless you give us $10 … and those rates are only going up, MOM!" My husband doesn't read my blog. Although as far as I know, he doesn't read any other mom-written blog, either.
    - Marinka, Motherhood in NYC
  • Its the topic of MANY conversations 17 of 18
    Its the topic of MANY conversations
    I've heard my dad talk about monetization and traffic with a group of his retired guy friends. My mom has defended my choice to publish photos and stories of my son. My brother reads nearly every word I write … I think they're good with it.
    - Jessica Ashley, Sassafrass
  • Its like Scrabble, right? 18 of 18
    Its like Scrabble, right?
    My youngest thinks I play Scrabble on Facebook all day. My teenager is just starting to read my blog on occasion and thinks it's "pretty cool." My husband and father are both endlessly supportive of my writing.
    - Mir Kamin, Woulda Coulda Shoulda

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