Wisdom from Mom Bloggers: What Is the Future of Mom Blogging?


Ten years from now, we’ll be telling the children we write about today that they don’t know how good they have it: “When I started a blog, we didn’t even have Twitter!”

All joking aside, it’s true that the scope and influence of parent-written blogs has grown exponentially in the last decade, in ways no one could have predicted. Women simply looking for a friend or a space to tell their stories have turned their words into businesses, conferences, and communities, with top bloggers working regularly with brands and even landing on bestseller lists. The success of the blogging community begs one question: what’s next?

We took this question to our Top 100 Mom Bloggers — find out what 20 of them had to say!

  • Getting back to the basics 1 of 20
    Getting back to the basics
    I'm really hoping for a return to a community feel — with people blogging for blogging's sake. We can build on those communities and friendships, and we can make great things happen. Remember sharing just for the hell of it? Just because we're human and we like to tell each other our stories?
    - Eden Riley, Edenland
  • Taking the place of magazines 2 of 20
    Taking the place of magazines
    I think blogs are becoming the magazines for this generation of moms. From Pinterest to Facebook, they're becoming the next source of inspiration for mothers — just as much as anything in print.
    - Kristen Howerton, Rage Against the Minivan
  • Itll keep evolving 3 of 20
    Itll keep evolving
    It's all about new media. We're seeing so many amazing bloggers transition into exciting new careers in different facets of media — books, TV, radio, the Web. Mom blogging was the launch pad for that.
    - Brittany Gibbons, Brittany. Herself.
  • Moving beyond just “mom” issues 4 of 20
    Moving beyond just "mom" issues
    We see the future of mom blogging shifting toward helping women talk about issues that certainly encompass the difficulties of mothering — but more. On our site, we talk about sex, divorce, feminist issues, politics, and marriage. The future of mom blogging is probably getting rid of the identification of being only a mother and covering real issues — even those that are touchy or controversial, or ones that people might cringe at.
    - Hayley Krischer & Miriam Novogrodsky, Femamom
  • Refocusing on the family 5 of 20
    Refocusing on the family
    I think mom blogging at its core will always be about documenting our days with our young kids. Sure, there are and will be sponsorships and reviews on our sites, but that's not the heart of mom blogging. The heart is our children.
    - Jill Smokler, Scary Mommy
  • Writing for the greater good 6 of 20
    Writing for the greater good
    I read recently that there are more than 100,000 Wordpress blogs being created DAILY. The number seems daunting and maybe even a little discouraging, but there is always room for a new voice. It seems like more and more mom bloggers are using their platform for social justice issues and charitable campaigns, which I think is pretty fantastic. I think this trend will only continue to grow, and a lot of causes that might not have had a voice are able to spread their message.
    - Elizabeth Jayne Liu, Flourish in Progress
  • A launchpad for new opportunities 7 of 20
    A launchpad for new opportunities
    I think — and hope — mom blogging will become the new launching pad for mainstream media personalities. I hope to see a lot more major brands and networks bringing on bloggers as TV show and segment hosts. We are a wildly talented bunch, and we have amazing platforms to bring to the table!
    - Jill Krause, Baby Rabies
  • Mom-businesses will grow 8 of 20
    Mom-businesses will grow
    I wish I knew! I'd buy stock. I think mom bloggers are getting more and more savvy and learning not to undervalue their skills as writers and marketers. I think businesses take them seriously now and will continue to do so.
    - Kelcey Kintner The Mama Bird Diaries
  • Theyll keep the online world laughing 9 of 20
    Theyll keep the online world laughing
    I think quite a few bloggers would say the future of mom blogging is all about social media Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Me, though? I say the future is all about giving your audience something that they can relate to: the good, the bad, and the absolutely horrifying — and a place to keep them laughing!
    - Jennifer Palis, High Heels and Dirty Dishes
  • Our influence will grow 10 of 20
    Our influence will grow
    The future of mom blogging is WOMEN. Women are becoming such a loud and unstoppable voice in this country, and I think "mom bloggers" will start to be recognized simply as bloggers and influencers of women. I also anticipate video and new platforms continuing to emerge as the next pioneering space.
    - Fadra Nally, All. Things. Fadra.
  • Itll be a more welcoming space 11 of 20
    Itll be a more welcoming space
    Mom blogging got off to the wrong start — lots of sniping and, "I would NEVER do that!" Next up: fewer "tips," and more reassurance. At least, so I hope.
    - Lenore Skenazy, Free-Range Kids
  • Growing beyond the blog 12 of 20
    Growing beyond the blog
    I think more mom bloggers are going to start expanding their blogs into larger publishing ventures, and I also see a trend toward personal bloggers writing under their names instead of a cute moniker. We have all changed a lot since blogging got big, and our original "mommy" titles don't always fit us anymore!
    - Megan Francis, The Happiest Mom
  • Moving to new platforms 13 of 20
    Moving to new platforms
    Eventually it seems like everyone who has a blog with a lot of readers will end up on a site like Babble. It will be a good thing because then I won't have to bookmark quite so many pages!
    - Stefanie Wilder Taylor, Baby on Bored
  • Itll become more niche 14 of 20
    Itll become more niche
    Since I began blogging, I've seen a change — a greater polarization that naturally occurs when numbers become large enough. There are pockets developing where we gravitate to our interests, i.e., products, parenting, poetry, fiction pieces, technology, food, crafts, home decor. When the pool of water becomes large enough, there can be separation of waters.
    - Alexandra Rosas, Good Day, Regular People
  • Remaining a base for storytelling 15 of 20
    Remaining a base for storytelling
    I don't know about mom blogging, but I do know that storytelling is alive and well. I don't see it going anywhere any time soon!
    - Erin Loechner, Design for Minikind
  • Itll age — and age well 16 of 20
    Itll age — and age well
    Grandma blogging. Because we're not getting any younger.
    - Ann Imig, Ann's Rants
  • Cranking up the tech 17 of 20
    Cranking up the tech
    Sometimes I picture the future of "mom blogging" heading toward something with a Jetsons vibe, full of mouthy robots and awkward antenna hats. Other times, I just hope it heads to Hawaii because I really want to go there.
    - Kristine Cook, Wait in the Van
  • Moms will become more tight-lipped 18 of 20
    Moms will become more tight-lipped
    As our kids get older, many moms are reluctant to share stories that no longer belong to them. As a result, I think many of us (or at least I am) trying to balance a way to write about the parenting experience without violating our children's privacy and trust.
    - Marinka, Motherhood in NYC
  • Collaborations will grow 19 of 20
    Collaborations will grow
    I'm excited by collaborative blogs like Go Mighty, where people who share a goal or just a way of looking at things come together to post and talk. And the classic "this is not my beautiful life" blog isn't going anywhere anytime soon. We need individual voices!
    - KJ Dell'Antonia, Motherlode
  • Itll continue to connect us 20 of 20
    Itll continue to connect us
    I predict mom blogging will become an even stronger network of women who find like-minded friends online. Sometimes I don't know if that's better or worse than forming relationships in real life, but it's been a blessing for me so far. I hope mom blogging continues to be an avenue for each of us to encourage and sharpen our views on a variety of subjects, deepening our understanding of one another even if we don't always agree.
    - Jenn Thorson, Purposeful Mom

Where do you think blogging is headed next? Tell us in the comments!

Check back each month for a new set of insights from top mom bloggers — until then, check out what we learned from them last year!

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