Wisdom You WISH You Heard At Graduation

I don’t remember my high school graduation speaker.  But it clearly didn’t leave a lasting impression.

I remember WHO spoke at my college commencement, but I don’t remember what she said. I didn’t hear words of wisdom from the likes of Steve Carrell, who wished more opportunities for character building on the students who were lucky enough to hear him.

And after watching Boston English Teacher David McCullough, Jr.‘s twelve minute speech to the graduating seniors of Wellesley High School, I wish he’d been the one to bid me farewell and send me out in to the world.

His speech, a terrifically honest one, urges students to embrace the notion that they, quite simply, are not special….they are one of 37,000 kids graduating from high school this year and they will need to create a special place for themselves.

It is one I will play for my kids when they get ready to graduate.  He includes many of the points I wish I had heard: life is not easy, you may have been handed many opportunities, but it is now time for you to step up and establish a road for yourself.

So, I’ve been reflecting… what do I WISH I heard as I was graduating?  What wisdom do you think would have been helpful as you made your way into the world?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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