WNBA Team is Protecting Your Kids from Kissing AND Lesbians

washingtonmysticsA WNBA team has decided my kid needs to be protected from lesbians and kissing. And maybe a little bit of both.

Note to self: put a call in to the gay community to rustle up some liplocking lezzies stat. Then we’re off to a Washington Mystics game, my child in tow!

The whole story is a little silly: the WNBA team was outed in the Washington Post for opting out on the stupid Kiss Cam that shows up at major sporting events, putting snogging couples on the big screen. Again, I think they’re kind of stupid – you’re there to watch a GAME. So who cares about kissing?

Then the management stuck their foot in it. They say they won’t show the kisses because there are a lot of kids who come to the games . . . oh yeah, and a lot of lesbians. Hence the conundrum: the kids might see two chicks locking lips.

Surprisingly, the largely lesbian fan base said they’re behind the Mystics – albeit unhappily. They don’t want to see their favorite team have to shut the doors because families stop buying tickets. And the league as a whole has earned kudos from the Human Rights Commission for working well with the LGBT community. Helping of course is the coming out of one of the sports’ biggest stars – mom and retiree Sheryl Swoopes back in 2005.

But do a few rights make up for a big wrong?

Telling lesbians that kids can’t see them share a bit of PDA runs precariously close to making them invisible. This clearly isn’t about the act of smooching in and of itself – sports with a large concentration of heterosexual fans are well known for the kiss cam, despite all the families in those audiences.

So a man on woman kiss is OK, but a woman on woman kiss is ick? Maybe they should stop worrying about losing their family fans and start worrying about losing every homosexual who might have bought a ticket.

There is a baseball team in last place that could use a little love in the nation’s capital!

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Article Posted 7 years Ago

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